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  • Antibiotic Development: The 10 x '20 Initiative

    Bringing New Antibiotics to Patients Who Need Them

    • Josh Nahum Square

      Patient Story : Josh Nahum

      A 27-year-old skydiving instructor in Colorado who died from an antibiotic-resistant Enterobacter aerogenes infection.

      "The tragic, unnecessary, and lasting impact of the loss of our son continues to this day. Our family has never recovered from Josh's death."

      Read Josh's Story >>
    • Carlos Don

      Patient Story : Carlos Don

      A healthy 12-year old athlete from Southern California who died of pneumonia caused by an MRSA infection.

      "A disease I had never heard of was killing my child. For two weeks we watched Carlos deteriorate before our eyes, praying for a miracle with every X-ray taken of his lungs."


      Read Carlo's Story >>
    • Brock_New

      Patient Story : Brock Wade

      An active, sports-driven 9-year-old boy survives a terrifying invasive infection and pneumonia caused by MRSA.

      "Everything the doctors said to me seemed to be preparing me for the worst. Brock underwent five invasive surgeries, on his shoulder and in his chest..."


      Read Brock's Story >>
    • Addie Rerecich

      Patient Story : Addie Rerecich

      A healthy 11-year-old girl from Tuscon, Ariz., who spent months in the hospital fighting several antibiotic-resistant infections and needed a lung transplant to save her life.

      "Addie walked into the hospital with me on May 19, 2011, and would not pass again through those doors until October, five months later."


      Read Addie's Story >>

    The Problem:  Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

    Because of antibiotic resistance, many bacterial infections have become impossible to treat.  New antibiotics are desperately needed to save patients' lives, but few new drugs are in pharmaceutical companies' research and development (R&D) pipelines.  Low returns on investments and an unpredictable and often infeasible approval pathway at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have caused many companies to leave the antibiotics market.

    IDSA is working to counter this decline through the 10 x '20 Initiative (read our statement).  The initiative seeks a global commitment to create an antibiotic R&D enterprise powerful enough to produce 10 new systemic antibiotics by the year 2020.  This effort has the potential to save thousands of lives each year.  To achieve our goal, IDSA is working with a broad range of stakeholders in the United States and globally.  We need your help!

    Antibiotic Resistance and You


    Urge Congress to Support Antibiotic Research & Development


    Endorse the 10 x '20 Initiative

    Join other medical societies, public health organizations, and universities in endorsing the 10 x '20 initiative. See who else has joined us >>

    Frontline Image

    Stop Bad Bugs

    Take Action: Tell Congress to join efforts to combat antibiotic resistance and learn more about what you can do to stop bad bugs. Get Smart >>

    Share Your Story

    Share Your Story

    If you or a loved one have been devastated by an antibiotic resistant bacterial infection and you would like to share your story, please contact Diana Olson.

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