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IDSA 50th Anniversary

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Barbara Murray “One of my favorite parts is running into people I know, and getting to see former trainees and colleagues that I haven’t seen in years. That’s probably the most fun part—not the most scientific part, but the most fun part.” -- Barbara E. Murray, MD, FIDSA 
“The meet-the-professor sessions are always a lot of fun. It always surprises me how many people get up to attend a 7 o’clock session, usually in a smaller and more intimate setting than might be the case in a larger symposium.” -- Daniel Kuritzkes, MD, FIDSA  Dan Kuritzkes
 David Relman “One of the great things about this field is the fact that so much is emerging, unanticipated, and a surprise every year. I just hope that we can continue to be flexible enough and agile enough to embrace and address problems as they arise in real time.” -- David A. Relman, MD, FIDSA
“I always love the named lectures. It’s always fun to see how leaders in the field will choose to talk about their lives… people who have been working decades on a subject, and how they’ll put their work in the context of others’.” -- Kathryn M. Edwards, MD, FIDSA  Kathryn Edwards
 Henry Masur “One of the big events for me as a young researcher was to go to presentations by famous people like Jack Remington and really get a chance to ask them questions. They were actually wonderful about talking about their data. In infectious disease, there are a lot of friendly, helpful people who want to advance the field. And while they’d like to publish before you do, they’re eager to help you get started.” -- Henry Masur, MD, FIDSA
“The interactive case discussions are my favorite part. We discuss complicated cases. The audience gets to participate. And you get to hear three or four experts comment on what they think is the right thing to do for that patient. … There’s not always one right answer.” -- Kimberly Smith, MD, MPH  Kimberly Smith

What are your favorite meeting memories? Share with us:

Posted by Michael Johnfinn at 03/03/2017 11:40:40 AM | 

I have been to two IDSA meetings now and the thing that impressed me most was the number of people from all over the world attending these meetings. It really becomes a global village, which the world has become nowadays anyway. We share the same infectious diseases and epidemics and we all have a common goal, to stay ahead in our fight against the microbes and the growing antibiotic resistance.

Kashif Memon, M.D.
Posted by: KashifMemon ( Email ) at 2/13/2013 11:54 AM

Amazing strides have been made in our field. The meetings offer so much to clinicians and researchers. They are so vast and comprehensive. Best to pick several area of interest and stick to them. Trying to attend too many sessions can be daunting.-- William J. Catena, MD
Posted by: WilliamCatena ( Email ) at 2/14/2013 7:45 AM

IDSA has been there for me from day one when I joined the cool gang of fellow lovers of infectious diseases. When starting the first day of fellowship and not knowing what to do- the guidelines are just a few clicks away to help. The meeting I got to go during my second year of fellowship was a great way to meet other people at the same level of training and meet senior mentors. Of course the conferences remain a great way to keep up-to-date and maintain contacts in this very intriguing field of ours.
Posted by: NehaShah ( Email ) at 2/15/2013 3:37 PM

The giant ICAAC/IDSA joint meetings are my favorite memory. While attending I always thought I was hearing about the most important developments from both the clinical and basic sciences of infectious diseases. Of course, those years at which Merle Sande led the interactive case discussions were priceless. --Kurt Krause, MD, PhD, FIDSA
Posted by: KurtKrause ( Email | Visit ) at 2/17/2013 1:02 AM

As a new member of IDSA, the meeting is overwhelming, in a good way. A lot to see, to experience, and to interact. A great way to network with others in ID and get a glimpse of the future.
Posted by: JonathanLee ( Email ) at 2/19/2013 9:45 AM

As an octogenarian, a favorite memory is of the initial meeting at which IDSA was formed. Because John Enders hated to fly he sent me, a very junior 36 y.o. colleague, to represent him and to rub shoulders with the I.D. giants who had gathered to organize and launch IDSA.
Posted by: Samuel Katz ( Email ) at 3/17/2013 5:57 PM

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50th Gray Background 

We asked several IDSA and HIVMA members to tell us about their memories of the IDSA Annual Meeting. Here’s what they said. Log in and comment below to add your voice to the conversation.



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