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  • Correct Coding Resources for Handhelds

    An electronic version of the inpatient pocket card and outpatient wall poster that can be download to a handheld device is available for PDAs and iPhones.

    Instructions for PDA (Pocket PCs & Palm OS)

    Instructions for iPhone

    Instructions for PDAs

    Installing the Files 


    Before you install the coding resources, you need either the RediReader or iSilo (3.0 or greater) document reader on your device.

    • RediReader for Palm OS® is a document reader created by Redi-Reference, which provides physicians with access to up-to-date information written specifically for handheld computers. You can download RediReader by clicking the link provided, or directly from the Redi-Reference website.
    • Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile device users should download and install the file: RediReaderPPCInstall which installs the document reader for the handheld versions of the resources.
    • For other devices, please check iSilo™ which is a highly versatile document reader available for Palm OS®, Windows® CE Handheld PC, and Pocket PC handhelds. Visit the download section of the iSilo website to see download options.

    You will need to download the coding resources to your computer before you install them onto your handheld.


    Download the reader to your computer.

    • Click on the link for the reader you would like to download
    • A dialogue box will appear; click the 'save' button
    • Choose the location where you want your file will to be saved and click 'save'


    Once the reader has successfully downloaded, you are now ready to install it onto your device. Please see your handheld's documentation for instructions on installing applications onto your handheld.


    Now that you have installed your document reader, you can download the files to your computer.

    • Right-click on the link and click 'save target as...'
    • Choose a destination folder for the file and click 'save'.
    • Repeat these steps for each guideline you want to download.

    When you have completed downloading your file(s), you can synchronize them to your device. Please see your handheld's documentation for instructions on synchronizing documents to your handheld.


    Instructions for iPhone

    The coding resources are available on the iPhone RediReader Application.

    Installing the Files


    • Go to iTunes or the iPhone App store and put in “Redi-Reader” as your search term.
    • Download the Redi-Reader to your iPhone or iPod touch.
    • In the lower right-hand area of the screen select “Device”.


    • In the upper right hand area of the screen select the “more” icon represented by three dots, i.e. “…”
    • You are now in the list menu. Select “Download New Content”
    • Touch in the browser at the top of the screen, and “x” will appear at the right hand side of the browser. Touch the “x” to clear the browser address.


    • You may want to create a category in which to store all the Infectious Disease Society Guidelines. To create this  category, simply tap over the file icon of a downloaded file. A pop-up menu will appear, then select “Categories.”   A list of categories will appear. To create a new category, tap in the upper right hand side on “New” and give the new category a name (IDSA), and then tap “Done” in the lower right part of the screen.  Back in the file list (accessed by taping over device in the lower part of the screen), to  put a file in a category, just tap over the file icon, select “Category” and check which Categories you would like the file to appear within.
    • For more detailed information on the Redi-Reader, see Redi-Reader Instructions

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