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  • Edward Kass Lectureship

    2014 Featured Lecturer

    Janet Gilsdorf, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS

    2014 Edward Kass LectureDr. Gilsdorf is the Robert P. Kelch Research Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School and a professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. As director of the Haemophilus influenzae Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan, Dr. Gilsdorf supervises studies of the structural, functional, immunologic, and epidemiologic properties of H. influenzae virulence factors. She also serves as co-director of the Center for Molecular and Clinical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at Michigan. Dr. Gilsdorf actively participates in the diagnosis and management of pediatric inpatients and outpatients at C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich., and teaches in the M1 Microbiology and Infectious Diseases sequence at the medical school. She participates in the clinical training of medical students, pediatric residents, and pediatric infectious diseases fellows and the scientific training of masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral students.


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