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  • Astellas Postdoctoral Fellowship in Transplant Infectious Diseases

    Eligibility Requirements 

    • Applicants must be members of IDSA.
    • Must be enrolled in an accredited graduate training program in infectious diseases.  
    • Selection criteria will include but not be limited to:
      • the applicant’s scholarship performance and professional qualifications  
      • scientific merit of the proposed project, validity of the research rationale 
      • adequacy of the facilities to the applicant 
    • Sponsor must be an IDSA member.
    • Postdoctoral fellows who hold a comparable fellowship are not eligible.
    • The award is provided on a competitive basis.

    Reporting Requirements 

    Submit a two-page, single-spaced report at the conclusion of the fellowship. A manuscript submitted for publication in a scientific, peer-reviewed journal, resulting from work accomplished during this fellowship, may be submitted in lieu of the final report. All publications under the award must explicitly state that the awardees' work has been performed as a Postdoctoral Fellowship Award recipient of the IDSA ERF and NFID. Acknowledgement must also be given to the sponsor supporting the award.

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