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Medical Student Interest Groups


Event Ideas



Be creative with the focus and type of event that you host for your Interest Group! If you need a little help in getting started, below are some successful events that were hosted during fall 2016 at medical schools around the country.

Infectious Diseases Expert Panel:  This lecture-style format was the most common in fall 2016.  An expert panel of Infectious Diseases physicians representing different career paths exposes medical students to the vast opportunities for a variety of careers in ID.  For example, you could invite ID physicians who specialize in HIV medicine, tuberculosis, hospitalized acquired infections, global health or even research efforts.   Don’t forget to include snacks and plenty of time for Q&A!

“Speed Dating”:  This lively event organizes faculty (an expert ID physician or even a current fellow can serve in this role) and students in “dating” encounters ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. Pair two medical students with one faculty and have them rotate around the room.  Follow the rotations with a general group Q&A and discussion.  This allows students to interact and ask their most pressing questions regarding a career in ID from a variety of faculty.

Vaccine Hesitancy Discussion:  This program utilized an outside advocacy organization, along with experienced pediatric ID physicians, to help educate medical students on how best to handle vaccine hesitant patients and parents.  It also provided tips on what information to provide to these patients to better inform them on the topic.

ID Case Review Night:   A faculty-led review of most common and some not so common infectious diseases cases encountered in their careers.  This event is a great teaching tool for medical students to get a first hand sense of the types of medical mysteries they will be solving and treating.

Microbiology Lab Tour:  Set up a tour of a microbiology lab perhaps at your own university or local hospital.

Other topic ideas

  • Zika and other emerging infections
  • HIV Prevention and Treatment
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • Hospital epidemiology
  • Vaccinology
  • Hepatitis C and B


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