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Published: Circulation ; Clinical Infectious Diseases

Bacterial Meningitis

"Practice Guidelines for the Management of Bacterial Meningitis"

The objective of these practice guidelines is to provide clinicians with recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial meningitis. Patients with bacterial meningitis are usually treated by primary care and emergency medicine physicians at the time of initial presentation, often in consultation with infectious diseases specialists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons. In contrast to many other infectious diseases, the antimicrobial therapy for bacterial meningitis is not always based on randomized, prospective, double-blind clinical trials, but rather on data initially obtained from experimental animal models of infections. Link to full text guideline *This guideline has been split into two separate guidelines: (1) community acquired, and (2) nosocomial. The nosocomial guideline is currently being updated and following its publication, community acquired will be developed.   *Estimated publication of Nosocomial guideline, Fall 2016.  


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