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  • IDSA Industry Relations 

    IDSA’s funding comes from a variety of sources, including membership dues, journal royalties, Annual Meeting fees, and grants from government agencies, private foundations, and industry.  

    To advance IDSA’s mission and primary goals, the Society accepts outside support and engages in collaborative efforts with industry, most notably pharmaceutical firms.  The Society strives to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with industry to enhance the educational benefits for members and to improve health care for the public.  To ensure the establishment of relationships with industry entities without compromising accepted ethical and educational standards, the Society endorses and conforms to the following statements and opinions that have been issued on this subject:

    • “Standards for Commercial Support, Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities,” Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.
    • “Gifts to Physicians from Industry,” American Medical Association Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.
    • “Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals,” Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

    Industry Relations Guidelines

    To provide further guidance and clarification on specific issues that pertain to the Society and its industry relationships, the following additional guidelines have been adopted:

    1. Outside support will only be sought and/or accepted for programs or activities consistent with the Society’s mission and primary goals.

    2. Outside support must be unconditional with regard to objectivity for any programs or activities that involve the generation or dissemination of scientific information.The Society will be solely responsible for the development and content of any such scientific/educational programs or services.

    3. As a matter of organizational policy, the Society does not endorse educational products or services by proprietary entities or other organizations unless the Society is integrally involved in their development.

    4. Priority areas for which support will be sought and or accepted include:

    • Educational programs or services for members
    • Research awards programs

    On a limited basis, outside support will be accepted to support other specific activities not listed above that are complimentary to the Society’s primary goals and important activities (e.g., support for the message center at the Annual Meeting, social functions when held in conjunction with educational activities).

    5. As a matter of organizational policy, the Society does not endorse any health or medical products that are marketed directly to consumers/patients.

    6. Whenever possible and feasible, the Society will seek funding for programs or services from a variety of sources.  However, there may be occasions when support for a specific program or activity from a single source is appropriate. In such circumstances, special caution will be exercised to avoid conflict of interest and to guard against any perception of conflict of interest.

    7. IDSA is legally responsible for compliance with all the terms and conditions of grants that are obtained.  Any proposal requesting a grant or any outside funding for any project must be approved by the IDSA Board of Directors. The Board will review proposals for their compatibility with the Society’s mission and primary goals and for their compliance with these guidelines.

                                                                                        Revised, Board of Directors, 3/2008 


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