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  • IDSA Presidents 

    Current President

    CalderwoodStephen B. Calderwood, MD, FIDSA, President

    Stephen B. Calderwood, MD, FIDSA, is the Morton N. Swartz, MD Academy Professor of Medicine (Microbiology and Immunobiology) at Harvard Medical School, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, vice chair, Department of Medicine, and director of Undergraduate Medical Education at Massachusetts General Hospital.
    He has played an active role in IDSA, having served on the Board of Directors, Society Awards Committee, Training Program Directors Committee, and Education Committee. He is also currently the co-editor-in-chief for the infectious diseases sections of UpToDate.
    Dr. Calderwood is a fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology, American College of Physicians, and the American Association for Advancement of Science, and a member of the Association of American Physicians. He is a past president of the Massachusetts Infectious Diseases Society. Dr. Calderwood graduated from Harvard Medical School, and completed his internship, residency, and clinical and research fellowship in infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital.

    Past IDSA Presidents

    2014      Barbara E. Murray, MD, FIDSA
    2013 David A. Relman, MD, FIDSA
    2012 Thomas G. Slama, MD, FIDSA
    2011 James M. Hughes, MD, FIDSA
    2010 Richard J. Whitley, MD, FIDSA
    2009 Anne A. Gershon, MD, FIDSA
    2008 Donald M. Poretz, MD, FIDSA
    2007 Henry Masur, MD, FIDSA
    2006 Martin J. Blaser, MD, FIDSA
    2005 Walter E. Stamm, MD, FIDSA
    2004 Joseph R. Dalovisio, MD, FIDSA
    2003 W. Michael Scheld, MD, FIDSA
    2002 David N. Gilbert, MD, FIDSA
    2001 Carol J. Baker, MD, FIDSA
    2000 Catherine M. Wilfert, MD, FIDSA
    1999 John G. Bartlett, MD, FIDSA
    1998 John E. Bennett, MD, FIDSA
    1997 P. Frederick Sparling, MD, FIDSA
    1996 Donald Armstrong, MD, FIDSA
    1995 Vincent Andriole, MD, FIDSA
    1994 Gerald Mandell, MD, FIDSA
    1993 Merle Sande, MD, FIDSA
    1992 R. Gordon Douglas, Jr., MD, FIDSA
    1991 Robert Moellering, Jr., MD, FIDSA
    1990 Herbert DuPont, MD, FIDSA
    1989 Morton N. Swartz, MD, FIDSA
    1988 Jack S. Remington, MD, FIDSA
    1987 Calvin M. Kunin, MD, FIDSA
    1986 Richard B. Hornick, MD, FIDSA
    1985 Paul G. Quie, MD, FIDSA
    1984 Theodore C. Eickhoff, MD, FIDSA
    1983 Abraham I. Braude, MD, PhD, FIDSA
    1982 Sydney M. Finegold, MD, FIDSA
    1981 Sheldon M. Wolff, MD, FIDSA
    1980 Floyd W. Denny, MD, FIDSA
    1979 Jay P. Sanford, MD, FIDSA
    1978 Harry A. Feldman, MD, FIDSA
    1977 Theodore E. Woodward, MD, FIDSA
    1976 Edward W. Hook, MD, FIDSA
    1975 Dorothy M. Horstmann, MD, FIDSA
    1974 George Gee Jackson, MD, FIDSA
    1973 Leighton E. Cluff, MD, FIDSA
    1972 Gordon Meiklejohn, MD, FIDSA
    1971 Robert Austrian, MD, FIDSA
    1970 Edward H. Kass, MD, PhD, FIDSA
    1969 Albert B. Sabin, MD, FIDSA
    1968 Walsh McDermott, MD, FIDSA
    1967 Charles H. Rammelkamp, MD, FIDSA
    1966 Harry F. Dowling, MD, FIDSA
    1965 John F. Enders, PhD, FIDSA
    1964 Maxwell Finland, MD, FIDSA



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