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  • Core Clinical Curriculum

    The core clinical curriculum offered by any program should be 12 months in duration. Required content includes:

      Required Ideal
    ID Consults 250 consults with fellow participation over the entire training period 250 consults with fellow participation over the entire training period
    Epidemiology Infection control committee, or formal 24-hour course, or SHEA course or equivalent, or 1-month rotation 28-hour course, didactic and practical (equivalent to SHEA course), or 1-month rotation
    Microbiology Practical experience in clinical microbiology Clinical Microbiology (bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, antibiotic susceptibility testing), 1 month or 120 hours
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Expertise required 2 1/2 to 3-day course (equivalent to CDC course or clinical training)
    Transplant/Immunocompromised hosts Trainees should have solid organ and bone marrow transplant experience

    Transplant (bone marrow and solid organ): 20 patients

    Immunocompromised hosts: 20 new patients

    Continuity Clinic 18 months; must have HIV patients 10% time (average 1/2 day per week) for 24 months. Follow 20 new HIV patients
    Didactic Bioethics course; lecture series desirable Ethics, biostatistics
    Conferences 2 hours of conferences per week, including ID case conference 2 hours of conference per week, including ID case conference with 60% documented attendance over 24 months
    HIV inpatient experience Required Required


    In addition, the following core competancies are recommended:

    • Travelers medicine
    • Antibiotic utilization/restriction
    • Outpatient IV therapy
    • Risk management
    • Medical economics


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