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  • Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) Supplies: What You Should Know

    Current IVIG supply information for patients and medical professionals is provided by the Plasma Protein and Therapeutic Association's (PPTA). Click here to access the supply information.

    If you are having problems acquiring adequate supplies of IVIG for your patients, a list of manufacturers and their toll-free numbers is provided below. These toll-free numbers will enable infectious diseases physicians (or their staff) to inquire about specific brands of IVIG for their patients.

    Baxter BioScience
    Gammagard S/D
    Gammagard Liquid 10%
    Polygam® S/D
    David Bond

    Octapharma USA

    ZLB Behring
    Gammar® -P I.V.
    Brian Kilmartin

    Talecris Biotherapeutics
    Grifols USA

    John Gross

    IVIG Access Problems and CMS Preadministration Payment

    Many infectious diseases (ID) physicians have found it increasingly difficult to purchase IVIG at affordable prices. Most notably, ID physicians that acquire IVIG in the secondary (or non-contract) market are paying prices that are significantly higher than Medicare’s reimbursement rates for IVIG. These problems were coo berated in an April 2007 DHHS Office of Inspector General Report.  

    *ALERT* CMS Discontinous Preadministration Payments for IVIG in 2009
    In response to perceived and real problems involving access to IVIG, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) established a temporary preadministration payment of $68.74 to physicians and hospital outpatient departments that administer IVIG in 2006-2008. Providers should bill the temporary code G0332 in conjunction with the appropriate CPT drug administration code to receive the additional preadministration payment. Moreover, CMS has created temporary HCPCS codes that were effective on July 1, 2007 for each brand of liquid IVIG. CMS and Congress will continue to monitor the issue to determine how to proceed in the future. Preadministration Payments for IVIG EXPIRED January 2009. 

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