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  • IDSA Member-in-Training Program

    Why join IDSA?

    Because IDSA is THE professional society whose mission is to advance your career and promote the specialty that you love. As an IDSA member, you’ll join a community of colleagues who are passionate about their work and eager to share their insights and knowledge with the next generation of ID specialists.
    You’ll get career advice, professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities, journals, and discounts at IDWeek. You’ll be eligible for IDSA’s member-only mentorship programs, research awards, and special meetings geared specifically toward ID fellows, and other benefits listed below.
    But it’s not just what you get from IDSA, it’s what you bring to us. As a member, you’ll be supporting the Society’s efforts to promote excellence in patient care, to foster scientific research, and to advocate for strong public health systems to protect the most vulnerable populations throughout the world.
    It’s IDSA’s job to tell the world about the value that ID specialists bring to the healthcare system—help us tell that story.
    When should you join IDSA? Right now. You’re eligible to join IDSA as a member-in-training as soon as you enter an infectious diseases fellowship training program, or a post-doctoral program in clinical microbiology or a related field.
    What does it cost? Actually, it’s free (or half-price, depending on how long you’ve been in training). Here’s how it works:


    1st Year in Fellowship - FREE     
    Membership is free your first year in fellowship.
    IDSA membership runs from January to December of each year. If you apply when you start a fellowship, you get the remainder of that year AND the following calendar year free.
    2nd Year (and beyond if in the ACGME portion of training) - DISCOUNTED
    Membership is reduced to about one half of the full member rate.
    First calendar year following completion of fellowship - DISCOUNTED
    For your first year as a full (voting) IDSA member, you pay the reduced “in-training” rate (so even though you’re finished with training, you pay about one half of the full member rate).


    IDSA Educational Opportunities for Fellows In-Training




    Registration Discount: As an IDSA member, you get a discount on registration rates at IDWeek, the leading annual conference featuring the latest scientific findings and clinical approaches to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and epidemiology of infectious diseases, including HIV infection.

    Workshops: IDWeek workshops are deeply discounted for IDSA members-in-training. This includes the Vincent T. Andriole Board Review Course and Fellows’ Day, which addresses topics that may not be covered during a fellowship program.

    Mentorship Program: A meeting like IDWeek can be overwhelming if it’s your first time attending. Get a personal guide through the IDWeek Mentorship Program, which connects you with leaders in the field who can help you make the most of the conference and your career.

    Travel Grants: If you present an abstract at IDWeek, you are eligible for members-only travel grants. The same is true if you present a case during one of two Fellows’ Day Programs.


    Research Fellows Meeting


    In this small, intimate meeting, held each spring in Bethesda, Md., you’ll meet some of the giants in infectious disease research, and you’ll find that they’re eager to take you under their wing. You’ll learn how to write a grant, get your work published, land a job, and balance your work and personal life. If you’d like to attend, see your training program director.


    Clinical Fellows Meeting


    One of the best-kept secrets in clinical ID, this annual meeting gives you first-hand access to ID specialists who’ve had successful and rewarding careers in patient care. Learn from the best as they share practical strategies for ID consults; telemedicine; billing, coding and reporting; working with hospital administration; and contract negotiation. You won’t learn these skills in your training program, but if you don’t learn them, they’ll eat your lunch. If you’d like to attend, see your training program director.


    Fellows’ In-Training Exam


    IDSA’s annual Fellows’ In-Training Exam (FITE) helps you assess your knowledge and identify areas in which you may need additional instruction. A recent study in CID found a significant relationship between scores on the IDSA exam and performance on the ID Certification Examination. The next FITE exam is scheduled for February 2016.


    IDSA Practice Exam


    Give yourself a leg up on the ID Board Exam with the IDSA Practice Exam – a timed exam, containing 50 case-based, multiple-choice questions. Not only does it help you prepare for the Board Exam, but it’s a great general review of infectious diseases topics.


    Lyme Disease Case Study Course


    Learn how to recognize and diagnose Lyme disease, and treat it promptly and effectively, in this free, online course, supported by an educational grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


    Fellows’-In-Training Center


    Find more resources for fellows catalogued on IDSA’s website -- research and funding opportunities, courses, meetings, a list of infectious diseases training programs, and more:

    Where do I sign up?


    Join IDSA today

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