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National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
10 Center Drive, MSC 1882
Infectious Diseases Training Program Building 10, Room 11C304
Bethesda, MD  20892

Phone: 301 496 3461
Fax: 301 480 0050

Training Program Director

Tara Palmore MD    

Research Interests:  Immunodeficiencies, hospital epidemiology

Participating Hospitals

  • NIH Clinical Research Center : 242
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital : 860
  • Georgetown University Hospital : 350
  • Washington Hospital Center : 925

Program Training Offerings

How does this program meet the ABIM requirements for training in clinical microbiology?

Didactic Lectures
Hands-on Experience

The Program provides training in hospital epidemiology through:

Didactic Lectures
Continuity Clinic

The Program provides clinical experience for fellows in the following:

Infections in marrow transplant
Infections in solid organ transplant patients
Infections in travelers and tropical medicine

This Program provides training in STD management through:

Didactic Lectures
Attendance at STD Clinic

The Program has a didactic lecture course for fellows:


If yes, what is the average number of lectures provided over a two-year period?


Training is for:


Are there citizenship requirements?


Types of visas accepted:

Number of fellows accepted each year:


Duration of the Fellowship (years):


The Program has a training grant (T32):


Average number of infectious diseases consults per trainee per year:


Number of Fellows completing the Program in the last 5 years:


Additional Training/Faculty Resources (optional):

Applications accepted via Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®)?


Timeframe when applications are accepted:

Timeframe when interviews are done

John E. Bennett , MD

Research Interests: Basic & Clinical Mycology


Jeffrey Cohen , MD

Research Interests: Pathogenesis of Epstein-Barr virus, varicella-zoster

John Gallin , MD

Research Interests: mechanisms of protection against microbial infection, physiology and molecular biology of phagocytic cell function, and development of therapeutic strategies for patients with genetic defects in these processes

Barney Graham , MD

Research Interests: Vaccine Technology

Amy Klion , MD

Research Interests: Parasitology, eosinophilia, hypereosinophilic syndrome

Clifford Lane , MD

Research Interests: Clinical research efforts against AIDS; immunopathogenesis of HIV infection and HIV vaccine development

Harry Malech , MD

Research Interests: Phagocytic cell function in patients with immune deficiency disorders and recurrent infections, gene transfer to develop therapies to correct these abnormalities

Henry Masur , MD , Sr. Investigator

Research Interests: Opportunistic infections that complicate HIV infection

JoAnn Mican , MD

Research Interests: Clinical HIV/AIDS, adverse effects of ARV's, syphilis, CNS lymphoma

Phil Murphy , MD

Research Interests: Chemokine receptors and cell signaling

Tom Nutman , MD

Research Interests: Immunopathogenesis of filariasis

Irini Sereti , MD

Research Interests: Immunopathogenesis of HIV/AIDS, Immune-based therapies

Steven Straus , MD

Research Interests: Immunopathogenesis of Herpes simplex virus and Herpes zoster virus

Frank Maldarelli , MD

Research Interests: HIV drug resistance

Tom Walsh , MD

Research Interests: Diagnosis and treatment of mycoses in the immunocompromised patient

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