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    Antimicrobial Resistance Committee

    Chair Staff Contact

    Barbara E. Murray, MD, FIDSA
    University of Texas Health Science Center
    Houston, TX

    Amanda Jezek
    Vice President, Public Policy & Government Relations
    (703) 740-4790
    Fax: (866) 899-7319

    Diagnostics Task Force

    To evaluate current trends related to the research, development, approval, manufacture, regulation and uptake of infectious diseases diagnostics at a time of rapid evolvement in the field; to assess and prioritize unmet diagnostics needs (including for clinical, public health, and global health purposes), particularly in the area of point-of-care diagnostics, and determine the degree of misalignment with current trends; to understand the challenges to diagnostics innovation and uptake from the perspective of key stakeholders (industry, governments, health care providers and payors/funders) and consider potential policy options for overcoming these challenges; and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on policy solutions that will improve the U.S. government’s capacity to address unmet diagnostics needs in this country as well as in resource-constrained countries.

    Chair Staff Contact

    Angela M. Caliendo, MD, PhD, FIDSA
    Emory University Hospital
    Atlanta, GA

    Jaclyn Levy 
    (703) 740-1216
    Fax: (866) 899-7319

    Public Health Committee

    To serve as the lead entity making recommendations to the Board of Directors on public health and emergency preparedness policy, including issues and policy related to emerging infections and biothreats, seasonal and pandemic influenza, food-borne illnesses; and to use of antimicrobials in agriculture. Although primarily focused on domestic public health matters—global health will be considered where it intersect with IDSA’s public health and emergency preparedness policy agenda; to advise policymakers about policy and funding opportunities related to surveillance, capacities- and infrastructure-building, and countermeasures research and development; to prioritize for government relations staff the federal funding needs in these areas; and to serve as IDSA’s primary point of contact for matters under its charge with relevant federal agencies.

    Chair Staff Contact

    Jeffrey S. Duchin, MD, FIDSA
    Public Health Seattle
    Seattle, WA

    Colin McGoodwin
    Program Officer for Public Health Policy
    (703) 299-0015
    Fax: (866) 899-7319

    Research Committee

    To make recommendations to promote research and new advancements in infectious diseases; to monitor developments and make recommendations related to federal support for biomedical research; and to make recommendations on activities/issues under its purview that involve federal legislation and regulation.

    Chair Staff Contact

    Ebbing Lautenbach, MD, FIDSA, Chair
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
    Philadelphia, PA

    Jaclyn Levy 
    (703) 740-1216
    Fax: (866) 899-7319

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