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  • NIH Member Spotlight: Dr. Jatin Vyas

    Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

    Dr. Jatin Vyas is the Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program, home of the largest hospital-based research program in the U.S. His laboratory focuses on the innate immune response to invasive fungal infections.

    As an NIH-funded investigator with interests in basic science, Dr. Vyas provides a unique perspective to clinicians. He mentors physician-scientists who aspire to impact clinical medicine through investigation.

    Dr. Vyas’s NIH Supported Research

    Dr. Vyas has been the recipient of 16 NIH grants since 2004; he is currently the principal investigator of several grants focused on immune responses to viral and fungal pathogens.

    • Invasive aspergillosis (caused by aspergillus fungi) is one of the most dreaded infections for immunocompromised patients. The initial contact between fungus and host typically occurs in the lung, and Dr. Vyas’s research examines the rules that govern the changes in these cells upon the uptake of fungal pathogens.
    • Infections still account for over 25% of deaths worldwide despite the development and widespread use of antimicrobials. One common feature in infections is the universal need of pathogens to enter cells to cause disease. Dr. Vyas’s research seeks to understand the role of structural proteins in the immune response to viral and fungal infections.

    Impact on Patients and Public Health

    Recent fungal outbreaks such as C. auris have increased concerns over lack of research and treatments for fungus-related illnesses worldwide. Although fungal infections kill over 1 million people each year, there are no antifungal vaccines. Dr. Vyas’s NIH-funded research in fungal pathogenesis and host immune response will pave the way for much-needed lifesaving advances in the field.

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