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    Deadline for Nominations: March 31, 2018

    D.A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health

    New in 2017, this award recognizes a lifetime of achievement in public health.

    Clinical Practice Innovation Award

    New in 2017, this will honor members who have significantly advanced the clinical practice of infectious diseases.

  • Nomination Requirements

    Deadline for Nominations: March 1, 2018

    Pledge to Nominate a Colleague for a 2018 Award

    Each award recipient will receive a $1,500 honorarium and will be reimbursed for IDWeek travel expenses to include coach airfare and one-night lodging to attend the award presentation.

  • The Alexander Fleming Award

  • About the Alexander Fleming Award

    The Alexander Fleming Award for lifetime achievement is granted to an IDSA member or fellow in recognition of a career that reflects major contributions to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about infectious diseases.

    2017 Alexander Fleming Award Winner

    Barbara E. Murray

    BARBARA E. MURRAY, MD, FIDSA, is widely recognized for her significant contributions spanning microbial physiology, virulence, antimicrobial resistance, and drug development throughout her career. Dr. Murray’s investigations have outlined the basic science that forms much of the foundation for our current understanding of the genetic basis and mechanisms of enterococcal drug resistance and pathogenesis. Dr. Murray’s achievements have had an enormous impact on the field.

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    The D.A. Henderson Award

  • About the D.A. Henderson Award

    New for 2017, The D.A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health will recognize a lifetime of achievement in public health. Dr. Henderson’s role in leading the successful eradication of smallpox will stand forever as a shining example of the profound impact that infectious disease physicians and scientists can have in preventing disease and relieving human suffering. By naming this award in his honor we hope to inspire others to become champions for public health throughout the world.

    2017 D.A. Henderson Award Winner

    F. Marc LaForce

    F. MARC LaFORCE, MD, FIDSA, is a visionary leader who was the driving force behind a groundbreaking, low-cost vaccine that today protects hundreds of millions of people from death and disability. Dr. LaForce has had a tremendous impact on the world’s health.

    Read More About 2017 D.A. Henderson Award Winner

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    The Watanakunakorn Clinician Award

  • About the Watanakunakorn Clinician Award

    Named to honor the memory of Dr. Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, this award is given annually by the IDSA Education and Research Foundation to an IDSA member of fellow in recognition of outstanding achievement in the clinical practice of infectious diseases.

    Nominees must have spent most of their career working predominantly in direct clinical care, whether private practice or part of a health-system group. The recipient must be in clinical practice, and exhibit excellence in one or more of the following areas:


    Nominees must have spent most of their career working predominantly in direct clinical care, whether private practice or part of a health-system group. The recipient must be in clinical practice, and exhibit excellence in one or more of the following areas:

    Clinical care, clinical research, patient or community education, compassion, patient advocacy, general community service, and service to a national or state infectious diseases society. Local recognition in medical journals, newspapers, or magazines will also be taken into consideration.

    Pledge to Nominate a Colleague for a 2018 Award

    2017 Watanakunakorn Clinician Award Winners


    DOUGLAS R. OSMON, has been instrumental in improving the care of patients with musculoskeletal infections throughout his career spanning nearly three decades. A superb, meticulous, compassionate clinician, his strong patient advocacy has earned the admiration of patients, colleagues, and peers.

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    The Walter E. Stamm Mentor Award

  • About the Walter E. Stamm Mentor Award

    Named to honor the late past-president Walter E. Stamm, MD, FIDSA, this award was created to recognize individuals who have served as exemplary mentors and is presented to an IDSA member or fellow who has been exceptional in guiding professional growth of infectious diseases professionals.


    Nominees may work in any field of infectious diseases; be involved in patient care, education, or research; and be in private practice, academia, or public health. Nominees may mentor medical students, doctoral and post-doctoral students, residents, fellows, or those early in their professional careers. Current trainees of a nominee are not eligible to write nomination letters for the Mentor Award.

    Requirements for the award include:

    • Availability to provide counsel, assistance, and encouragement
    • Willingness to make serving as a mentor a priority
    • Ability to assist in identifying and achieving goals, and developing important skills
    • Ability to assist in solving problems and overcoming obstacles impeding career development
    • Important role model characteristics, such as integrity and compassion
    • Well-established record for training and mentoring academic and IDSA leaders over a sustained period of time

    Pledge to Nominate a Colleague for a 2018 Award

    2017 Walter E. Stamm Mentor Winner

    Steve Holland

    STEPHEN B. CALDERWOOD, MD, FIDSA, has created a culture that encourages mentorship and serves as a model for other institutions. He has made the career development of others a central goal of his collaborative research activities, encouraging his mentees to develop into independent physician-scientists and mentors themselves. Dr. Calderwood is considered a mentor without parallel by the many grateful ID specialists he has guided and counseled.

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    The Oswald Avery Award

  • About the Oswald Avery Award

    The Oswald Avery Award recognizes outstanding achievement in an area of infectious diseases by an individual member or fellow of IDSA who is 45 or younger (on December 31 of the year preceding the IDWeek at which the award is given). The award is based on overall achievement, not usually a single study.


    Each nomination packet should include:

    • Minimum of two letters of nomination, maximum of three letters, from current IDSA members that describe, with examples, how the candidate meets the requirements for the award (Any beyond three will not be reviewed.)
    • Nominees and nominators must be IDSA members or fellows
    • The nominee's curriculum vitae and bibliography

    The nominations will be reviewed by the Society Awards Committee and a recommendation for each award will be made to the IDSA Board of Directors for approval. IDSA members or fellows who are currently serving on the IDSA Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated for Society Awards.

    Nominate Your Colleague Today

    2017 Oswald Avery Award Winner

    William J. Steinbach

    WILLIAM J. STEINBACH, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS, has quickly become an international leader as an investigator studying the molecular basis and clinical manifestations of invasive fungal infections. Dr. Steinbach’s translational work over the past 10 years has focused on defining the molecular controls of Aspergillus hyphal growth and characterizing a variety of Aspergillus cell signaling pathways, including calcineurin, Ras, and heat shock protein 90.

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    The Clinical Practice Innovation Award

  • About the Clinical Practice Innovation Award

    The Clinical Practice Innovation Award will be awarded to members who devote the majority of their time to patient care and who have significantly advanced the clinical practice of infectious diseases within the last five years. This may be accomplished through innovation in clinical practice design or management, or advocacy on the behalf of IDSA that fosters change to better recognize the value of infectious diseases practice.

    2017 Clinical Practice Innovation Award Winner


    KAVITA P. BHAVAN, MD, MHS, FIDSA, developed a successful program engaging and empowering patients that offers uninsured patients the option to be taught to self-administer intravenous antibiotics, using a standardized protocol to ensure patient mastery, with weekly in-clinic follow up. Dr. Bhavan has demonstrated how infectious disease clinicians can champion innovation at their own institutions and bring value to the healthcare system at large.

    Read More About 2017 Clinical Practice Innovation Award Winner

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    The Society Citation Award

  • About the Society Citation Award

    The Society Citation is a discretionary award given in recognition of exemplary contribution to IDSA, and outstanding discovery in the field of infectious diseases, or a lifetime of outstanding achievement. More than one award may be given each year.

    2017 Society Citation Award Winners

    Wendy S. Armstrong

    WENDY S. ARMSTRONG, MD, FIDSA, has tirelessly spearheaded multiple initiatives for IDSA and HIVMA, including: improving fellowship education, assessing and enhancing the current workforce, and growing the specialty. A past chair of the IDSA Training Program Directors Committee, she co-authored a national, cross-sectional study identifying important factors influencing residents’ choice of specialty that has provided critical insights and laid the foundation for future work by the Society.

    Patrick Joseph

    PATRICK JOSEPH, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA,is an expert in diagnostic laboratory medicine. His leadership has significantly improved the standards in many diagnostic laboratories. Dr. Joseph served as a member of IDSA’s Diagnostics Task Force, which laid the policy groundwork for the current diagnostic landscape, outlining specific recommendations to spur research and development.

    Dean Winslow

    DEAN L. WINSLOW, MD, FIDSA, started California’s first multidisciplinary clinic for HIV-infected patients in 1985. During his later time in industry, he worked on studies of HIV drug resistance as a bench scientist and designed the clinical trials leading to the FDA’s approval of efavirenz. He also helped direct the clinical studies of nelfinavir and led the group responsible for regulatory approval of the first pharmacogenomics diagnostic device for HIV-1 drug resistance.

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    The Clinical Teacher Award

  • About the Clinical Teacher Award

    The Clinical Teacher Award honors a career involved in teaching clinical infectious diseases to fellows, residents, or medical students and recognizes excellence as a clinician and motivation to teach the next generation.


    Particular attention will be given to nominations that document the impact of an individual on the school and community where he or she practices.

    Requirements for the award include:

    • Exemplary teaching skills
    • Implementation of innovative educational programs
    • Outstanding bedside and patient communication skills and the ability to convey these skills to others
    • Evidence of teaching awards at the local or regional level
    • Sustained excellence in teaching (nominees should be at least 10 years out of fellowship)

    Pledge to Nominate a Colleague for a 2018 Award

    2017 Clinical Teacher Award Winner

    Michael J. Barza

    MICHAEL J. BARZA, MD, FIDSA, an outstanding clinician, teacher, and role model at Tufts Medical Center and former deputy editor at CID, his legendary teaching has been a major influence on scores of medical students, residents, and infectious disease fellows over the past 45 years. Among the more than 150 fellows who have benefited from his teaching over the years are many current division chiefs, deans, professors, and other accomplished leaders in the field, many of whom cite Dr. Barza’s example as a role model in their own careers.

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