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  • State and Regional Societies

    Many IDSA members also belong to state or regional infectious diseases (ID) societies. IDSA established the State and Regional Societies (S&RS) Board and Assembly to maintain and enhance communication between IDSA and local ID societies on both national issues and local issues with national implications.

    State and Regional Societies Board

    The S&RS Board’s primary function is to maintain IDSA’s relationship with local ID societies and, to the extent practicable, assist with the educational needs and advocacy efforts of these societies. 

    The S&RS Board consists of eight members. Six of these members are elected to overlapping three-year terms. Five of these members are [nominated and] elected by local ID societies.  One member serves as the S&RS Representative to IDSA’s BOD. The S&RS Board also elects a chair that serves for three years. The eighth member is IDSA’s Executive Director, who serves in a non-voting capacity.

    Additionally, the S&RS Board nominates its Watanakunakorn Clinician Award recipient to IDSA's Board of Directors (BOD) each spring for their consideration. 

    State and Regional Societies Assembly

    The S&RS Assembly is a loose affiliation of more than 30 local ID societies. These local societies [are organized to varying degrees but] generally, at a minimum, adhere to IDSA’s Eligibility Requirements for Affiliated State and Regional Societies. Several of the more organized local ID societies keep membership lists, maintain websites, elect officers, advocate on local issues (and hire administrative staff). Find your local affiliated ID society.

    If you are an IDSA member who would like to establish a local ID society in your area, in addition to IDSA’s Eligibility Requirements mentioned above, please feel free to use sample bylaws provided by the North Central Chapter of IDSA.

    State and Regional Societies Meetings

    The S&RS Board and Assembly meet twice yearly. When possible, these meetings are held in conjunction with other IDSA meetings, such as the Clinical Practice Meeting and Annual Meeting. These meetings provide an opportunity for local ID society presidents and representatives to exchange ideas with one another as well as to discuss issues of local concern.  IDSA also has developed a meetings calendar for information about previous and upcoming local ID society meetings.



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