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IDSA Policy regarding All-In for the Infectious Diseases Match

This policy applies to:

  • All Infectious Diseases Fellowship positions in all ACGME-accredited Adult Infectious Disease fellowship programs, and
  • All applicants for those ACGME-accredited positions

Fellowship Training Program Responsibilities

  • All ACGME accredited Adult Infectious Diseases Fellowship Programs will participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) Match and offer all positions for these ACGME accredited slots through the NRMP Match.
  • All positions in Match-participating programs will be offered through the Match or, in the event of unfilled slots, after the Match is completed. Positions may not be withdrawn prior to the Match unless they will also be unavailable after the Match.
  • Any offers intended to circumvent the Match, including early or late offers and acceptances or offers outside the Match, constitute a violation of this policy.
  • Outcomes of the Match are contractually binding, in accordance with the NRMP/SMS Match Participation Agreement.
  • In accordance with NRMP policy, a program participating in the Match must ensure post-Match offers are not made to applicants who have a binding match commitment to another program.
  • Programs will emphasize to applicants that all positions will be offered through the Match only.

Applicant Responsibilities

  • All Infectious Diseases applicants are expected to register for Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) and the Match. Applicants should not accept any position offered prior to or outside of the Match.
  • All positions will be filled through the Match. Should the applicant not obtain a position through the Match, he or she may apply to programs that have unfilled positions on or after Match Day.
  • Acceptance of a position in the Match is contractually binding, in accordance with the NRMP/SMS Match Participation Agreement.

Consequences of Failure to Comply with the Match for Programs and Applicants

All Match-participating programs should be aware that failure to comply with the above regulations ("All-In" Match) or to accept the results of the Match is a violation of the NRMP/SMS Match Participation Agreement, and sanctions may be levied against the program in accordance with NRMP/SMS Violations Policy.

Exceptions to the All-in Policy

  • Programs that participate in the military match must abide by the guidelines of their own regulatory bodies.
  • Otherwise, requests for exceptions to the All-In Policy must be submitted in writing to the NRMP and, if approved, apply only to the current Match. Exceptions are considered only for unusual circumstances as outilned by the NRMP All-In Policy Statement, including for military appointees to civilian programs.

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