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    Our Vision

    A world free from the burdens of infectious disease

    Advancing Research, Education, Advocacy, and Patient Care

    The Infection Diseases Society of America (IDSA) was established in 1963 because of a growing need for more professional dialogue and medical research around infectious diseases. In 2001, IDSA developed the IDSA Foundation in an effort to raise charitable funds to address the critical work force needs of the field.

    The IDSA Foundation is the nation’s leading non-profit organization committed to reducing the burdens of infectious diseases. 

    The IDSA Foundation believes ID doctors are the catalyst for reducing the burdens of infectious diseases. We believe by increasing the number of well-trained ID doctors, we will be able to decrease the burdens of infectious disease. 

    Our Funding Priorities  


    Help Reduce the Burdens of Infectious Disease Today



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