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University of Texas, Dallas

University of Texas, Dallas

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Boulevard

Dallas, TX  75390-9113

Phone: 214 648 9914
Fax: 214 648 2741

Training Program Director

Daniel J. Skiest, MD, Assoc. Prof.      

Research Interests:  Diagnosis of CMV in AIDS, CNS Complications of AIDS Initiation and Cessation of Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV

Participating Hospitals

  • Parkland Health and Hospital System : 846
  • Zale Lipshy University Hospital : 147
  • Dallas VA Medical Center : 329

Program Training Offerings

How does this program meet the ABIM requirements for training in clinical microbiology?

Didactic Lectures
Hands-on Experience

The Program provides training in hospital epidemiology through:

Didactic Lectures
Continuity Clinic
Hands-on Experiences

The Program provides clinical experience for fellows in the following:

Infections in marrow transplant
Infections in solid organ transplant patients
Infections in travelers and tropical medicine
Infections in children

This Program provides training in STD management through:

Didactic Lectures
Attendance at STD Clinic

The Program has a didactic lecture course for fellows:


If yes, what is the average number of lectures provided over a two-year period?


Training is for:


Are there citizenship requirements?


Types of visas accepted:

Number of fellows accepted each year:


Duration of the Fellowship (years):


The Program has a training grant (T32):


Average number of infectious diseases consults per trainee per year:


Number of Fellows completing the Program in the last 5 years:


Additional Training/Faculty Resources (optional):

Applications accepted via Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®)?


Timeframe when applications are accepted:

Timeframe when interviews are done

Beth Levine, MD, Professor

Research Interests: Our laboratory uses molecular and genetic approaches in mice and model organisms to study the role of specific host genes and cell biology pathways involved in cancer, infectious diseases, and development. The primary focus of our studies is on the cellular pathway of autophagy.


Roger Bedimo, MD

Research Interests: Analysis of the trends of Non-AIDS-defining malignancies patients

Simon Daefler, MD, PhD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Our laboratory is interested in the mechanism of how Gram negative bacteria employ complex machineries to force-feed macromolecules into their eukaryotic host cell and how this then determines the interaction between bacterium and host. Our model system is Salmonella typhimurium.

Clark R. Gregg, MD, Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Gastrointestinal infections, Molecular Epidemiology, Mycotic Infections, Drug Interactions, Formulary management

R. Doug Hardy, MD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Respiratory tract Immunology Asthma, M. Pneumoniae infection, Community-acquired MRSA, Adolescent/Young Adult HIV

Shahbaz Hasan, MB, BS

Research Interests: Infection Control, Molecular Epidemiology, Clinical Infectious Diseases

Mamta Jain, MD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: HIV/HCV Co-Infection, HIV/HBV Co-Infection, HIV Related Mortality

Philip Keiser, MD, Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Anti-retroviral therapy of HIV Infection, Acute HIV Seroconversion Illness, Outcomes and Economic Impact of HIV Therapy

James P. Luby, MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Clinical virology, Epidemiology in Infectious Diseases

David Margolis, MD

Research Interests: The overall goal of our laboratory is to obtain new insights into the host-virus interaction, particularly in HIV infection, and translate discoveries in molecular biology and virology to the clinic to aid in the treatment of chronic viral diseases.

Robert S. Munford, MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Our research goal is to understand how animals detoxify the LPS that the body encounters, either in this low-level, frequent way, or when gram-negative bacteria manage to avoid host defenses and cause clinically symptomatic infections. In particular, we focus on a unique host enzyme, acyloxyacyl hydrolase(AOAH), that detoxifies LPS by selectively removing two of its six fatty acyl chains. The enzyme is produced by hematopoietic progenitor cells, immature dendritic cells, macrophages, neurtophils and renal proximal tumule cells.

Naiel Nassar, MD

Elizabeth M. R. Race, MD, MPH, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Immunorestoration in AIDS/HIV patients on highly active Antiretroviral Therapy, Interactions between HIV and HBV/HCV and Responses to Antiviral Therapy, Interactions between HIV and HBV/HCV and Responses to Antiviral Therapy, Co-Infection with HIV and Tropical/Parasitic Infectious Diseases

Sanjay Revankar, MD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Mycology-Candidemia, Zygomycosis, Phaeohpyhomycosis

James W. Smith, MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Local Immune Response to Urinary Tract, Fever in AIDS patients, Infectious Arthritis

Gary I. Sinclair, MD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Rural HIV and antiviral resistance

Paul M. Southern, Jr., MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Epidemiology of Chagas' Disease in Belize, Antimicrobial Resistance, Diagnostic methods in clinical microbiology

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