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University of Texas, San Antonio

University of Texas, San Antonio

University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio
Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine 7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, TX  78284-7881

Phone: 210 567 4810
Fax: 210 567 4654

Training Program Director

Elizabeth Walter     MD, Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: 

Participating Hospitals

  • University Hospital : 500
  • Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veteran's Hospital : 450

Program Training Offerings

How does this program meet the ABIM requirements for training in clinical microbiology?

Didactic Lectures
Hands-on Experience

The Program provides training in hospital epidemiology through:

Didactic Lectures
Continuity Clinic
Hands-on Experience

The Program provides clinical experience for fellows in the following:

Infections in marrow transplant
Infections in solid organ transplant patients

This Program provides training in STD management through:

Didactic Lectures

The Program has a didactic lecture course for fellows:


If yes, what is the average number of lectures provided over a two-year period?


Training is for:


Are there citizenship requirements?


Types of visas accepted:

Number of fellows accepted each year:


Duration of the Fellowship (years):


The Program has a training grant (T32):


Average number of infectious diseases consults per trainee per year:


Number of Fellows completing the Program in the last 5 years:


Additional Training/Faculty Resources (optional):

Applications accepted via Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®)?


Timeframe when applications are accepted:

Timeframe when interviews are done

George E. Crawford  MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Vaccines


Sunil K. Ahuja  MD, Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Molecular basis of chemokine expression and function

Delia E. Bullock  MD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: HIV drug treatment trials

Phillippe A. Chiliade  MD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: HIV clinical research in immune reconstruction

Robert A. Clark  MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Molecular basis of neutrophil function

George E. Crawford  MD, Prof.

John R. Graybill  MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Mycology/antifungal drug development and animal models

Peter C. Melby  MD, Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Immunology of leishmania infections

Jan E. Patterson  MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance

Thomas F. Patterson  MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Fungal infections in immunocompromised hosts including drug resistance

Jose Lopez-Ribot  PhD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Immune response in Candida

P. Kay Sharkey , MD, Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Fungal infections in HIV infected patients and nutrition

Marc H. Weiner  MD, Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Mechanisms of anti-mycobacterial drug resistance

Dwight M. Williams  MD, Prof.

Research Interests: Immunology of chlamydia infections

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