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Value of ID Specialists

The cost of health care has led policy makers to rethink how care is delivered and providers are paid. Fee-for-service payments are likely to continue their decline as we transition towards a value driven health care system that incentivizes high quality and cost effective patient care.

Infectious Diseases (ID) physicians are not immune to these changes. However, the challenges that come from value-based payments also bring new opportunities for ID physicians to demonstrate their value to the system in preventing unnecessary complications and their associated costs. The following resources provide information about new payment and delivery models and tools to assist ID physicians in making the value case.

The Value of an ID Specialist CID Article

Summarizes the versatile attributes possessed by ID specialists and delineates their value to patients, hospitals, and other integral groups in the health care continuum.

Reimbursements for ID Medical Directors

Provides information about how to negotiate equitable compensation arrangements for infection control, antimicrobial stewardship, and other ID medical director services.

Value-Based Payment & Delivery Models

Learn how Accountable Care Organizations, bundled payments, gainsharing, and other payment innovations will transform how care is delivered.

Value: Non-Patient Care Activities CID Article

Details the available data supporting the value of infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship and other systems-level activities and explains how this data have be leveraged by ID physicians in contract negotiations with hospital management.

Value of ID Toolkit

The value of ID toolkit section assembles the necessary resources to provide ID physicians the proper "tools" to obtain adequate compensation for services rendered.

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