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    IDSA Outlines ID Policy Issues for Trump Transition Team (PDF)

    IDSA outlines important ID policy issues for Vice President-elect Mike Pence, head of the Trump Transition Team.

    IDSA Statement on Passage of Continuing Resolution and Zika Funding

    The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) welcomes the action taken by Congress to prevent a government shutdown and provide $1.1 billion for responses to the continuing spread of the Zika virus. The full and continuous operation of Federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, is critical to our nation’s safety and wellbeing. Additionally, the overdue resources the bill provides for global and domestic Zika responses must be put to work immediately.

    IDSA Zika Vote Statement (PDF)

    IDSA urges Congress to pass the strongest emergency bill possible to combat Zika and to reject efforts to fund the Zika response at the expense of equally critical health funding.

    IDSA Co-Authors Brief on Preparedness for Emerging Infections (PDF)

    IDSA joined Trust for America's Health (TFAH) and the UPMC Center for Health Security calling for the United States to take additional steps to prepare for MERS-CoV and other emerging infections.  The brief argues that public health and healthcare systems cannot afford to become complacent in preparing for infectious disease threats and that system-wide preparedness is needed for potential outbreaks.

    IDSA Submits Testimony To Congress Urging Better Investments for Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PDF)

    In connection with a February 2015 Congressional hearing, "Examining the US Public Health Response to Seasonal Influenza," IDSA submitted written testimony highlighting the importance of building a strong public health infrastructure to protect the public from severe illness and death caused by seasonal influenza.  The letter urges a greater investment in public health preparedness as well as research and development programs for influenza vaccines and antivirals.

    IDSA Pledges Support to U.S. Ebola Response Coordinator Ron Klain (PDF)

    In a letter to newly-appointed U.S. Ebola Response Coordinator Ron Klain, IDSA President Dr. Stephen Calderwood outlined the Society's Ebola response efforts to date and volunteered IDSA's expertise and resources to help the federal government coordinate the U.S. and global response.

    IDSA Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Principles for U.S. Action (PDF)

    IDSA's Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza Principles for United States Action are to educate and federal policymakers and assist the US Department of Health and Human Services' Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and other agency officials, about how best to prepare for and respond to seasonal and pandemic influenza.

    IDSA Statement on Doxycycline Medkits (PDF)

    At a joint meeting of FDA advisory committees regarding development of a doxycycline home MedKit, IDSA provided a public statement on prepositioning in the event of an anthrax release.

    IDSA Testimony on Medical Countermeasures Enterprise Review (PDF)

    Dr. Andy Pavia testified on behalf of IDSA at a September 29, 2010 hearing of the Senate Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations Subcommittee examining the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise review completed by the Department of Health and Human Services in August 2010.

    IDSA Statement on the Development of Influenza Antiviral Home MedKits (PDF)

    At a meeting of FDA advisory committee regarding development of an influenza antiviral home MedKit, IDSA provided a public statement about the challenges to safe and effective use posed by the unknowns regarding use of current antivirals in a pandemic, combined with the absence of medical supervision in the proposed scenario of home based use.

    IDSA Preliminary Statement on Antibiotic Home Stockpiling (PDF)

    At a meeting of the National Biodefense Science Board, IDSA delivered public comments raising concerns about an HHS initiative to inform the public about home stockpiling of doxycycline for use in a potential anthrax attack.

    Project Bioshield Reauthorization (PDF)

    Statement from Martin J. Blaser, MD, IDSA President.

    CID Working Group Joint Statement to HHS on Pandemic Influenza (PDF)

    In a joint statement to the United States Department of Health and Human Services on January 13, 2006, IDSA recommended solutions to strengthen and improve the U.S. Preparedness and Response Plan against pandemic influenza.

    IDSA Pandemic Influenza Statement by Andrew T. Pavia, MD (PDF)

    IDSA's statement by Andrew T. Pavia, MD concerning pandemic influenza given before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health.

    IDSA Statement before HHS Task Force on Stimulating Medical Innovations (PDF)

    IDSA urges initiative to stimulate innovation in medical technologies, specifically new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics to treat, prevent, and detect infectious diseases agents, and for antibiotics to treat resistant bacterial infections as well as new rapid diagnostics to detect them.

    IDSA Statement Concerning “Project Bioshield” (PDF)

    IDSA statement concerning “Project Bioshield” presented by John E. Edwards, MD before the Committee on Government Reform U.S. House of Representatives.

    IDSA Statement on Smallpox Plan (PDF)

    Policy recommendations concerning the national smallpox vaccine plan.

    IDSA Statement on Bioterrorism (PDF)

    Statement of John G. Bartlett, MD, President, Infectious Diseases Society of America before the Subcommittee on Public Health Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions United States Senate on bioterrorism:  our front line response in evaluating U.S. public health and medical readiness.

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