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  • How to Get Involved in IDSA and HIVMA

    The success of IDSA and HIVMA depends on the Society’s members. Committees help shape the policy and direction of the Society.

    Besides serving on a committee, there are many other ways to support the Society’s mission:

    Promote the Specialty

    Share Your Expertise

    Shape Policy and Opinions

    • Help us find patient stories. Real-life stories about patients who have antibiotic-resistant infections help IDSA advocate for a comprehensive response to this public health threat.
    • Take 2 minutes to contact members of Congress to support our stance on ID and HIV legislation, including issues related to physician payment.
    • Join the IDSA/HIVMA Member Advocacy Program (MAP) so you can work regularly with the Society’s staff on making ID/HIV voices heard by policymakers and opinion-shapers. (Log in and go to the Advocacy tab.)
    • Help the IDSA Center for Global Health Policy educate policymakers about the latest science on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

    Strengthen Our Voice

    • Make the Society stronger and help advance your colleagues’ careers by recruiting new members to IDSA and HIVMA. There’s no extra cost to be a member of both!
    • Support our efforts to promote excellence in patient care, education, research, public health, and prevention. Make a donation to the IDSA Education and Research Foundation.

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