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  • Journal Club: Application to Join

    Each month, Journal Club members search the medical literature for new studies with a significant impact on the clinical practice of infectious diseases. The panel meets by conference call once a month to discuss the selected studies and comes to a consensus on the best three to five. Panelists then write brief reviews of the studies, which appear in IDSA News.

    Successful candidates will have a good eye for clinically relevant research and an ability to communicate its importance clearly and concisely. Good writing skills, the ability to meet deadlines, and participation in conference calls and submission of studies for discussion at least every other month are required.

    To apply to join, please provide the following information (all fields required):

    Job Title:


    Applicants will also be asked to provide a current CV and a short writing sample by email. Positions on the Journal Club panel are limited. We appreciate your understanding that not all who apply may be selected. 

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