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J&J, Gilead combo drug therapy clears hep C in 100% of Phase IIa cohort
Posted: Monday, March 4, 2013 1:00 PM
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"Medivir has posted a stellar snapshot of interim data from its Phase IIa study of a combo hepatitis C treatment that adds Gilead's hot property--GS-7977--with the Swedish biotech's simeprevir (TMC435), which is partnered with Johnson & Johnson.

The combo therapy cleared the virus in 100% of the 80 genotype 1 patients divvied into four treatment groups. All of the patients were "null-responder" hepatitis C patients with mild to moderate fibrosis. And the clear rate was the same for patients receiving 12 weeks and 24 weeks of therapy, with or without ribavirin. There were no reported incidents of serious adverse events."

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