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Call for Nominations 

The IDSA Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for the Office of Vice President and three positions on the Board of Directors. Members of the Society may self-nominate or identify a colleague who is willing to be considered for nomination. From your suggestions, the Nominations Committee will select a slate of candidates for the 2018 elections.

Before submitting a nomination, please carefully review the desired qualifications and position descriptions below.

Qualifications for Director and Officer Positions

The Nominations Committee gives considerable weight to past IDSA related activity in selecting candidates for officer and director positions. Recent service on an IDSA committee is almost always a requirement to be considered for a director position. Recent service on the IDSA Board of Directors is almost always a requirement to be considered for an officer position---Secretary, Treasurer or Vice President.  We are trying to create a leadership track:   

                            1. Service on a committee
                            2. Service on the Board of Directors
                            3. Service as an officer

Other qualifications include the following:

  •  demonstrated commitment to IDSA and the infectious diseases community
  •  interest in shaping IDSA's direction, philosophy, and policies
  •  strong background in committee and volunteer work
  •  effective communication, listening, organization, and planning skills
  •  ability to identify and solve problems
  •  willingness to express or entertain diverse perspectives
  •  ability to be visionary, to take risks, to think strategically, and to see the "larger picture"
  •  respect from peers and recognition as a leader in the infectious diseases community
  •  willingness to commit the time required to actively participate in IDSA activities

Available Position Descriptions

Vice President 

Serves a four-year term as follows: as the Vice President the first year, President-Elect the following year, President the third year, and Past President the fourth year. The Vice President attends three Board meetings per year. During the Vice President term, also serves as the Vice Chair of the Society Awards Committee and a Board Liaison to one of the Society's committees.


Serves a three-year term.  Directors attend three Board meetings per year and participate in occasional Board conference calls. Serve as a Board Liaison to one of the Society's committees.

Schedule for Future Board Meetings

  • October 2-3, 2018 (prior to IDWeek in San Francisco, CA)
  • March 2019 (TBD)
  • June 2019 (TBD) 

To submit a nomination, please log in and complete the Governance Nomination Form.

All nominations must be received by February 26, 2018.

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