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University of Colorado (Denver)

University of Colorado (Denver)

Division of Infectious Diseases
University of Colorado
12700 E. 19th Avenue, MS B-168
Aurora, CO  80045

Phone: 303 724 4932
Fax: 303 724 4926

Training Program Director

J. David Beckham MD  Assistant Professor  

Research Interests: 

Participating Hospitals

  • Denver Health Medical Center : 400
  • University of Colorado Hospital: 300
  • Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center: 200
  • National Jewish Medical and Research Center: 20

Program Training Offerings

How does this program meet the ABIM requirements for training in clinical microbiology?

Didactic Lectures
Hands-on Experience

The Program provides training in hospital epidemiology through:

Didactic Lectures
Continuity Clinic
Hands-on Experiences

The Program provides clinical experience for fellows in the following:

Infections in marrow transplant
Infections in solid organ transplant patients
Infections in travelers and tropical medicine
Infections in children

This Program provides training in STD management through:

Didactic Lectures
Courses Elsewhere

The Program has a didactic lecture course for fellows:


If yes, what is the average number of lectures provided over a two-year period?


Training is for:


Are there citizenship requirements?


Citizenship Requirements:

U.S. Preferred

Types of visas accepted:

Number of fellows accepted each year:


Duration of the Fellowship (years):

2, Optional Research

The Program has a training grant (T32):


Average number of infectious diseases consults per trainee per year:


Number of Fellows completing the Program in the last 5 years:


Additional Training/Faculty Resources (optional):

Clinician track

Clinical investigator track

Basic Investigator track

Applications accepted via Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®)?


Timeframe when applications are accepted:

Timeframe when interviews are done


Thomas Campbell , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Clinical microbiology, transplant infectious diseases, and HIV care


Michelle Barron , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Infection control, fungal infections, transplant infectious diseases, and HIV care

Robert Belknap , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Clinical trials of tuberculosis in the U.S. and abroad

Mary Bessesen , MD , Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Antiretroviral adherence and resistance, hospital epidemiology

Kristin Brousseau , DO , Instr.

Research Interests: Neuropsychiatry of HIV and Hep C infection and aging

William Burman , MD , Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Clinical trials of new methods for TB treatment and prevention; HIV

Monica Carten , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Gender differences in HIV, contraception and reproductive health of HIV in women

David L. Cohn , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Epidemiology; treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS and mycobacterial infections; global TB

Elizabeth Connick , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Immunopathogenesis of HIV infection tissues, sex differences in HIV-1 infection, acute HIV infection

Charles Daley , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Clinical epidemiology, diagnostics and therapy of TM and non-tuberculosis mycobacteria

Charles A Dinarello , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Cytokines, inflammation, and septic shock

Theodore C. Eickhoff , MD , Prof. Emeritus

Research Interests: Hospital epidemiology, influenza

Edward M. Gardner , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Adherence and cost-effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy

Gwen A. Huitt , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: MDRTB, atypical mycobacterial infection treatment, bronchiectesis, cystic fibrosis

Michael D. Iseman , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Mycobacterial diseases

Edward N. Janoff , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: HIV transmission, pneumococcal disease, mucosal immunity, vaccines

Steven C. Johnson , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, care, cost and outcome, and antiretroviral therapy - efficacy and resistance

Franklyn N. Judson , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Epidemiology and control of sexually transmitted diseases including HBV and HIV infections

John Koeppe , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Addiction and pain management

Marilyn Levi , MD , Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Infections in immunocompromised hosts and AIDS

Myron Levin , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Varicella, vaccines

Kenneth A. Lichtenstein , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: Epidemiology research, CE HIV therapy and co-morbidities

Bruce McCollister , MD , Instr.

Research Interests: Salmonella, bacterial pathogenesis

Amie Meditz , MD , Instr.

Research Interests: HIV in women, HIV immunology/pathogenesis

Connie S. Price , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Healthcare epidemiology, antimicrobial resistance, nosocomial infections, osteomyelitis, infectious diseases

Randall R. Reves , MD , Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Tuberculosis epidemiology and prevention and treatment of HIV

Cornelis A. Rietmeijer , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: STD and HIV epidemiology and prevention

Leland Shapiro , MD , Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Cytokines and inflammation, HIV pathogenesis, endogenous pathogen countermeasures

Mark Thrun , MD , Asst. Prof.

Research Interests: Prevention of HIV infection through diagnosis, treatment, and behavioral interventions

Kenneth L. Tyler , MD , Prof.

Research Interests: CNS infections, neurovirology, west nile virus, herpes virus infections, PML/JCV virus, apoptosis

Adriana Weinberg , MD , Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: antiviral immune defenses, HIV and transplant immunology, clinical and diagnostic virology, HIV in pregnancy and vertical transmission

Cara Wilson , MD , Assoc. Prof.

Research Interests: Immunology of HIV infection, and vaccine development

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