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  • Clinical Fellows Meeting

    The Clinical Fellows Meeting is designed specifically for fellows who are interested in pursuing a career in the clinical practice of infectious diseases. Although emphasis is placed on private practice opportunities, much of the program is just as relevant to those interested in clinical practice in academic settings. This program has been developed by the Clinical Affairs Committee in collaboration with the ID Training Program Directors Committee. 

    The two-and-one half day meeting will provide fellows with an exposure to clinical practice as a career track and cover many issues related to clinical practice that are not possible to address during their fellowship training. Fellows will learn about various clinical practice opportunities and how to assess them, how to interview for a job, and about the important key issues and skill sets necessary to be successful in clinical practice. Because of the relatively small size of the meeting and a favorable ratio of faculty to fellows, there is considerable opportunity for informal interaction with leading faculty. 

    Each accredited infectious diseases program is invited to send one fellow who has not previously attended this meeting. Fellows must be IDSA members-in-training to register and participate and attendance will be limited to the first 80 fellows (who must be current members of IDSA) nominated by their program director.

    We look forward to your fellow's participation in the IDSA Fellows' Meeting. Please contact Nathalie Gabriel at if you have any questions.


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