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  • Install and use the app

    1. In the App Store, search for and select the Redi-Reader application. In the top right-hand corner, select "Download" and "Install."

    Redi 1 Redi 2 


    2. Open the Redi-Reader application. From the bottom menu, you can access recent files, updated files, any categories that you have named, and favorites.

    redi3 3 - Redi-Reader Home


    3. To download a new mobile resource, touch "Device" in the bottom right corner, then "..." in the top right corner. On the Device menu, select "Download New Content."

    4 - Home Screen 5 - Download New Content


    4. To view all of the IDSA resources, select "IDSA" from the drop-down menu. Alternately, you can enter a web address in the top bar.

    6 - Select URL 7 - IDSA Dropdown


    5. Once the IDSA page loads, scroll down to the file you want and touch to download. Redi-Reader will prompt you for a folder. When your download is complete, the program will alert you; you may open it directly by selecting "Yes."


    8 - Select Guideline  9 - Select Folder 
    10 - Download Confirmation 



    6. After you open a resource, return to the home screen by touching "Doc List" in the bottom left-hand corner.

    11 - Open Resource  


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