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  • Tips on how to view the guideline files are provided in the information below. For further help, feel free to contact us.


    In RediReader:

    Tap anywhere on the first page to be taken to the table of contents.

    Click on an underlined topic heading to go to information on that topic area or to a subheading.

    Click on an underlined subheading to go to information on that subtopic area.

    In RediReader, the back arrow in the lower right part of the screen is similar to a Web browser’s Back button. Click the back arrow to return to the previous screen.

    To go back to the beginning of the document, tap the percent box in the lower right part of the screen, then tap Top of Page. 

    To set Preferences, tap the menu button > Commands > Preferences. Many users set the Preferences selection to Scroll Bar Right. 

    For step-by-step instruction for using RediReader, go here 


    In iSilo: 

    Opening a document: 

    With iSilo™, you can open any document that is in the format of one of the standard document types. For a file on a storage card that is not in the format of one of the standard document types, iSilo™ can open the file for viewing of the raw content textually.

    To open a document, navigate to it's location in the document list, and tap its name. 

    Navigating a document: 

    To move through a document to get to the content you want, you do such things as scrolling, following hyperlinks, and using bookmarks. iSilo™ provides many ways to navigate through a document.

    To view step-by-step instructions for navigating in iSilo, go here 


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