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  • HCV Screening Letter

    As a service to IDSA members who are interested in outreach to their primary care partners, the Society is offering a one-time mailing announcing the USPSTF’s recent Final Recommendation on HCV screening. IDSA members can submit up to 25 primary care office addresses to receive a tailored-letter, linked below, which will promote the screening recommendation and identify the IDSA member as a provider of HCV care.

    The letter is intended to foster appropriate care coordination for patients diagnosed with HCV between their primary care provider and their ID physician.

    HCV Screening Recommendations Mailing Announcement Service Form (XLS) 
    Fill out the above Excel file to opt-in to the mailing service. Instructions are included in the document.

    Hepatitis C Screening Letter Template (PDF)
    Informs primary care physicians of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's (USPSTF) recommendation for one-time screening of persons born from 1945-1965, CDC's Birth Cohort Hepatitis C Screening Recommendations, and the availability of infectious disease specialists to treat newly identified hepatitis C patients.

    Instructions for Filling out Hepatitis C Screening Letter (PDF)
    If you do not wish to use the mailing service above, instructions are available for filling out the hepatitis C Screening letter for personal mailing.

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