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  • Recommendations for ID Training Program Curricula

    Evaluating infectious disease fellowship programs can be a daunting task. IDSA offers the following guide to prospective ID fellows in the process of selecting a fellowship program.

    These guidelines were developed by division chiefs and program directors from adult infectious disease training programs. The recommendations are not binding upon individual programs, nor do they emanate directly from requirements specified by the American College of Graduate Medical Education or the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).

    Please recognize that individual training programs will vary in the organization of their curricula and their program strengths.

    The three tracks for fellowship training in adult infectious disease training are:

    1. Clinician Track
    2. Clinical Investigator Track
    3. Basic Investigator Track



    All tracks should consist of a 12-month core curriculum. The Clinician track should have another 12 months' fellowship training. The Clinical Investigator and Basic Investigator tracks should have another 24-26 months' duration to complete fellowship training.

    Board Eligibility

    Prospective ID fellows are required to have 2 years of fellowship training before they are eligible to take the ABIM certification exam in infectious diseases.

    The additional training time required for the Clinical Investigator and Basic Investigator tracks is not required for board certification. The additional time in the Investigator tracks is intended to give the fellow adequate research experience to become an independent investigator.

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