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    Many patients and their families have suffered the debilitating effects of antibiotic-resistant infections. Indeed, many patients have lost their lives due to these infections. The compelling and heart-wrenching stories below engender a strong sense of urgency to address drug-resistant infections and the lack of new antibiotic development. If you would like to share your story, please contact Jennifer Morales.



    What can you do to help? Urge Congress to pass legislation to spur research and development of new antibiotics. Send an email to your congressional representatives today. 


  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing threat to the United States health care system. From the 2016 discovery of the highly resistant mcr-1 gene in the US to the 2017 death of a Nevada woman due to an infection resistant to all available antibiotics, the AMR crisis is receiving increasing public attention, and for good reason.

    This Faces of Antimicrobial Resistance report highlights some of these individuals, whose stories demonstrate the urgent need to combat AMR.

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    Braxe Thumbnail

    Braxe R.

    A seemingly harmless ear infection turns into a life-threatening MRSA scare for a 2 ½ year old boy.

    Peggy thumbnail

    Peggy Lillis

    A mom from Brooklyn dies from complications of a condition brought on by antibiotic use.

    Timothy thumbnail

    Timothy Mok

    A University of Kentucky pharmacy resident student falls sick from E. coli while at his residency rotation in Maryland.

    Marcus thumbnail

    Marcus Glover

    A healthy man is infected with a disruptive digestive bacterium during shoulder surgery.

    Meredith thumbnail

    Meredith Littlejohn

    A 19-year-old college hopeful and cancer survivor dies from an antibiotic-resistant infection.

    Tatiana thumbnail

    Tatiana Chiprez Vargas

    Just weeks after her wedding, Tatiana Chipraz Vargas began feeling ill and was admitted to the hospital. The doctors then found out she had contracted MRSA.

    Brianna thumbnail

    Brianna Strand

    A woman from Washington with cystic fibrosis suffers years of worsening symptoms stemming from a skin infection.

    Catherine thumbnail

    Catherine Duff

    An Indiana woman undergoes fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) to cure her recurring Clostridium difficile infections, saving her life.

    Mary thumbnail

    Mary Millard

    After contracting an antibiotic-resistant infection, a woman from North Carolina faces surgery as a final treatment option.

    Natalie thumbnail


    A North Carolina woman has recurring complications from a chronic MRSA infection.

    Simon thumbnail

    Simon Sparrow

    In less than 24 hours, 15-month-old Simon passed away from an undiagnosed MRSA infection.

    Tenzin thumbnail

    Tenzin Lobsang Kunor

    A college student from Wisconsin is diagnosed with tuberculosis and forced into isolation from his family and friends.

    Roger thumbnail

    Roger Poser

    A man from Texas undergoes combination antibiotic therapy to combat an extremely antibiotic-resistant strain of Pseudomonas.

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    Addie Thumb

    Addie Rerecich

    A healthy 11-year-old girl from Tucson, Ariz., who spent months in the hospital fighting several antibiotic-resistant infections and needed a lung transplant to save her life.

    David Thumb

    David Ricci

    A 19-year-old from the Seattle area battles several NDM-1 positive antibiotic-resistant infections as he recovers from a train accident that cost him his right leg.


    Josh Nahum

    A 27-year-old skydiving instructor in Colorado who died from an antibiotic-resistant Enterobacter aerogenes infection.

    Carlos Thumb

    Carlos Don

    A healthy 12-year old athlete from Southern California who died of pneumonia caused by an MRSA infection.

    Brock Wade

    Brock Wade

    An active, sports-driven 9-year-old boy survives a terrifying invasive infection and pneumonia caused by MRSA.

    Tom Dukes

    Tom Dukes

    A healthy and active father in Southern California whose life was torn apart by a painful and drug-resistant E. coli infection.

    Rebecca Thumb

    Rebecca Lohsen

    A healthy 17-year old high school honor student and swimmer from Northern New Jersey who died of an MRSA infection.

    Brandon Noble

    Brandon Noble

    Former Washington Redskins defensive tackle who had recurring serious MRSA infections in his knee.

    Bryce Smith

    Bryce Smith

    A healthy 14-month old from Santee, California who contracted MRSA and spent many harrowing weeks in the intensive care unit as doctors struggled to save his life.

    Dee Dee Thumb

    Dee Dee Wallace

    A Wisconsin woman nearly loses her leg, and her life, to MRSA.

    Joan Thumb

    Joan Corboy

    An Illinois woman nearly loses her life while struggling with a recurrent and drug-resistant C. difficile infection.

    Ricky Lannetti

    Ricky Lannetti

    A healthy 21-year old football player at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania who contracted MRSA and did not survive the infection.

    Nicholas Thumb

    Nicholas Johnson

    A healthy 12-year-old from Texas who nearly died from an MRSA infection.

    Caroline thumb

    Caroline Moore

    After summiting Mt. Denali in 2013, Caroline Moore contracted a staph infection in her knee during surgery. Four years and eight surgeries later, Caroline is still awaiting a special knee replacement surgery to allow her to return to sports.

    Kate thumb

    Kate Wilson

    Kate’s parents saved her life by bringing her into the emergency room following a staph infection.

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