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Policy & Advocacy


IDSA promotes science-based public policy to advance U.S. and global efforts on antimicrobial resistance, immunization, infection prevention and control, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, public health emergencies, and other ID issues. The Society supports federal funding for research and public health, and appropriate reimbursement and coverage of ID services.

Learn about IDSA’s policy and advocacy efforts, with links to relevant policy documents, reports, and websites. See the key policy focus areas below.

  • Federal Transition 2017

    IDSA and HIVMA remain hard at work advocating for our strategic priorities during the federal government transition.  Follow our activities with the new administration and Congress.

  • Policy Priorities

    Learn about priority policy initiatives now underway, including the 10 x ’20 Initiative in support of new antibiotic development as well as efforts to strengthen adult and adolescent immunizations and reduce regulatory burdens on critical ID research.

  • Take Action

    IDSA members and the public can quickly contact your congressional representatives through our Advocacy Center to weigh in on policy priorities.

Access & Reimbursement

Access to appropriate treatments for patients with serious infections; Medicare coverage of home-based antimicrobial infusions; medical liability reform; appropriate payment for physician services.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotic development; strengthening U.S. antimicrobial resistance efforts, including surveillance, prevention and control, data collection and research; antimicrobial stewardship; antimicrobials in agriculture

Infection Prevention & Control

Evidence-based practices and policies to prevent and control health care-associated infections (HAIs)

Immunizations & Vaccines

Supporting national immunization programs for children, adolescents, and adults, including health care workers; advancing research and development of new and improved vaccines.

Emerging Infections & Biothreats

Influenza, other emerging infections, and bio-threats; U.S. preparedness and response, public health and research efforts, countermeasures (vaccines, drugs and diagnostics), non-therapeutic control measures

Research & Infrastructure

Advancing biomedical and public health research priorities; supporting infrastructure that enables and strengthens ID research, clinical, and prevention efforts

Global Health

Workforce & Training

Developing and maintaining a workforce of ID clinicians, researchers, and public health experts.

Federal Funding

Funding for domestic and international ID programs, including antimicrobial resistance; immunization; drug, vaccine, and diagnostics development; and prevention and treatment of new and emerging infections.

Take Action

IDSA members and the public can quickly contact your congressional representatives through our Advocacy Center to weigh in on policy priorities.


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