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IDSA Policy Priorities

Antimicrobial Resistance

We advocate for a strengthened U.S. response to antimicrobial resistance including regulatory and legislative efforts to spur development of antibiotics and related diagnostic tests; enhanced coordination and leadership, surveillance, prevention and control, and research efforts; and the promotion of antibiotics’ appropriate use in humans and in agriculture.

Adult and Adolescent Immunizations

We are advancing principles to address the unacceptably low rates of immunization coverage among U.S. adults and adolescents.

Federal Transition 2017

IDSA and HIVMA remain hard at work advocating for our strategic priorities during the federal government transition. Follow our activities with the new administration and Congress.

Immunization of Health Care Personnel

To protect patients, healthcare personnel (HCP), and the general population against influenza, we are advancing principles to promote the mandatory immunization of all HCP.

Medicare Coverage of Home-Based Antimicrobial Infusions

A long-standing legislative priority, IDSA seeks Medicare coverage for patients who would benefit from taking antimicrobial infusion therapy in their homes.

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