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  • IDSA Commends G20 AMR and Global Health Commitments, Calls for US Action


    IDSA commends the G20 leaders for committing to efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance and to strengthen global health capacities, including for emergency preparedness and response. We call upon the US to maintain its leadership in addressing antimicrobial resistance and in global health responses.

    G20 leaders’ pledge to promote the prudent use of antibiotics and strengthen infection control and prevention is important. Infectious diseases physicians possess unique expertise on antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention and control—leading these programs in U.S. facilities and advising on their implementation worldwide – that can support these efforts. We are pleased by the G20’s commitment to fostering research and development of new antimicrobials, including drugs for tuberculosis as well as other WHO priority pathogens, and for noting the importance of market incentive options. While global action on antimicrobial resistance is essential, its success hinges upon the efforts of individual nations. IDSA urges US policy makers to maintain robust funding for domestic and global public health interventions and research to tackle antimicrobial resistance, and to advance incentives necessary to spur the development of new antimicrobial drugs, including the bipartisan Reinvigorating Antibiotic and Diagnostic Innovation (READI) Act, H.R. 1840, which would provide a new tax credit—similar to the Orphan Drug Tax Credit—for these urgently needed new products.

    IDSA appreciates the declaration’s recognition that the G20 has a crucial role in advancing preparedness and responsiveness to global health challenges. We believe this acknowledgement must be reflected in robust US funding for global health—not only for public health emergencies that have includedoutbreaks of Ebola and Zika, but also for ongoing challenges that include HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria.

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