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    Joint IDSA/HIVMA Comments on Proposed CDC Organ Transplant Guideline (PDF)

    IDSA and HIVMA's comments on CDC's Guideline for Reducing Transmission of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus through Solid Organ Transplantation call for:  an amendment to federal transplantation law, clarification and consistency on MSM donor risk, and greater balance in the informed consent requirements.  The Societies also propose a central tracking system and express concerns with donor screening recommendations.

    IDSA Opposes Attempts to Restore Ban on Use of Federal Funds for Syringe Exchange Programs (PDF)

    IDSA joined physician and public health groups in sending a letter to President Obama urging him to oppose any attempts to restore the ban on use of federal funds for syringe exchange programs--a proven, life-saving approach to preventing transmission of HIV and hepatitis.

    IDSA, HIVMA Support Robust Global Infectious Diseases Funding (PDF)

    IDSA, HIVMA and others wrote to House Appropriations Committee and State-Foreign Operations Subcommittee leaders requesting full funding of the President's FY 12 request for the U.S. Agency for International Development's malaria, tuberculosis and global HIV/AIDS initiatives.

    IDSA-HIVMA Needle Exchange Letter FY 2010 (PDF)

    The HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) are writing in support of a full repeal of the ban on federal funding for needle exchange programs in the final FY2010 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education appropriations bill.

    IDSA Urges Senate to Boost ID Public Health in Economic Stimulus Plan (PDF)

    IDSA and HIVMA submitted proposals to Senate leaders urging the stimulus plan to include investments in public health infrastructure to address antimicrobial resistance, emerging infections, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

    Letter to Senators McCain and Obama (PDF)

    IDSA and HIVMA call on the presidential candidates to promote a science-based approach to public health policy, including immunization safety, sexuality education programs, access to clean syringes and needles for injecting drug users, and diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.

    IDSA Supports Global HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Legislation (PDF)

    IDSA urges enactment of the U.S. Global Leadership on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Act including strengthening TB vaccine research and development.

    Letter to HHS Secretary Thompson-Generics and PEPFAR

    IDSA and HIVMA express grave concerns about current and proposed U.S. policies that effectively prohibit the purchase of generic fixed-dose combination antiretrovirals with funds allocated for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

    IDSA Outlines its Research Priorities for NIH Director Elias Zerhouni, MD

    IDSA and HIVMA supported the development of new therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics and approaches; investigation of the chronic diseases/infectious agents link; global tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS research; research capacity/infrastructure building in resource-limited nations; the Fogarty International Center; international ID training opportunities; and domestic HIV/AIDS therapeutic research.

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