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Vote to Modernize IDSA’s Governance

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Proposed Bylaws Change to Build on Governance Successes, Ensure IDSA Remains Responsive to Member Needs

IDSA President Dr. Tom File, FIDSA discusses why you should vote YES to approve this change to modernize IDSA’s governance.

In an effort to build on the tremendous progress made in 2019 with the establishment of the Leadership Development Committee and the Inclusion, Diversity, Access, and Equity Task Force, IDSA will be taking additional steps to modernize its governance with an important proposed change to the society’s bylaws. While the Leadership Development Committee and IDA&E Task Force continue their work to ensure our future leaders reflect the true face of the ID profession, the proposed bylaws change will ensure that the IDSA Board of Directors can be more nimble and responsive to the needs of the society.

What’s the Proposed Change?

In 2017, the Board of Directors conducted a governance review, a process that had not been undertaken in 25 years. During this review, we studied best practices about how medical society bylaws should be structured. We learned that our bylaws should be overhauled to enable the society to be nimble and relevant in advancing our mission.

In December, voting members of IDSA received a ballot for a bylaws change that will allow the Board of Directors to amend the bylaws to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Our current process requires that we approach the membership each time a bylaws change is needed. This is required even for revisions as simple as changing the name of a committee – and the process to enact a bylaws change is time consuming and expensive. Allowing the Board to vote on changes ensures critical decisions can be made on a timelier basis and that important staff and financial resources are not directed away from our strategic priorities during an extended bylaws voting process.

This nimble approach to governance will help foster our inclusion, diversity, access and equity work, allowing the society to expeditiously advance our new IDA&E roadmap. It could also, for example, facilitate changes that would help IDSA better engage with state and regional societies.

Because member input is key to the success of IDSA, we will also be providing members with a direct way to propose a bylaws change. With the approval of this proposed bylaws change, members will have a mechanism for recommending a revision that would be voted on by the full membership.

Bylaws Graphic (3).png

These are updates that many associations are making. Our bylaws were created in the 1960s and these changes are necessary to keep up with the needs of the society. IDSA believes timely, nimble governance is strong governance and we ask you to support the proposed bylaws change that both entrusts the board with the ability to modify the IDSA bylaws, as appropriate, as well as maintains a pathway for member-initiated bylaws changes. These proposed bylaws changes are yet another step to building a stronger, contemporary IDSA. 

You will be hearing more about the proposed bylaws change in the coming weeks through IDSA communications.  In addition, follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #IDSABylawsVote for updates.

How Do I Vote?

Now we need your involvement.  In December, voting members received an emailed ballot sent on behalf of IDSA President Thomas File, Jr., M.D., FIDSA, by IDSA’s independent third-party voting management firm Election Services. The subject line of the email was: “Your Participation Needed On Proposed Bylaws Change.” Reminder ballots with the same subject line will also be sent during December and January to members who have not yet voted. You will be asked to vote in favor of changing the IDSA bylaws to transition the task of amending the bylaws from the full membership to the Board of Directors.

Please vote YES to approve this change to modernize IDSA’s governance.

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