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Nominate a Colleague for a Society Award

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Help us celebrate the field of ID by nominating hard working clinicians, promising young researchers, outstanding mentors, and those who have had a lifetime of impact on the field.

Nominations for the 2019 awards will be reviewed by the Society Awards Committee and a final recommendation for each award will be made to the IDSA Board of Directors for approval. IDSA members who are currently serving on the IDSA Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated for Society Awards.

It is important that our awards represent the full diversity of the IDSA membership. As such, we encourage the nomination of women and individuals under-represented in medicine. Please nominate an individual for only one award. Consider the description of each award below and how your outstanding colleagues may be well suited for one of our awards. In your nominating statements you’ll have the opportunity to tell the committee exactly how outstanding and well suited your colleague is for the IDSA award.

Please have all of your nominating materials on hand when completing the award nomination. On the primary nomination form three text areas have been provided for you and your fellow nominators:

  • First, a statement to summarize the nominee's seminal contribution (600 characters),
  • A general statement on the nominee by the Primary Nominator (3200 characters),
  • A general statement by the Seconding Nominator (3200 characters), which can be optionally on this companion seconding form instead of the primary form.
  • A NIH biosketch, required for Oswald Avery and Alexander Fleming Awards – optional for all other awards.

These statements should focus on why the person being nominated is well-suited for the award.

Thank you for recognizing the outstanding work your colleagues are doing in the field of infectious diseases!


Available Society Awards 

Alexander Fleming Award
The Alexander Fleming Award for lifetime achievement is granted to an IDSA member or fellow in recognition of a career that reflects major contributions to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about infectious diseases. 

The D.A. Henderson Award 
The D.A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health will recognize a lifetime of achievement in public health. Dr. Henderson’s role in leading the successful eradication of smallpox will stand forever as a shining example of the profound impact that infectious disease physicians and scientists can have in preventing disease and relieving human suffering. By naming this award in his honor we hope to inspire others to become champions for public health throughout the world.

Watanakunakorn Clinician Award
Named to honor the memory of Dr. Chatrchai Watanakunakorn, this award is given annually by the IDSA Education and Research Foundation to an IDSA member or fellow in recognition of outstanding achievement in the clinical practice of infectious diseases. Nominees must have spent most of their career working predominantly in direct clinical care, whether private practice or part of a health-system group. 

Walter E. Stamm Mentor Award
Named to honor the late past-president Walter E. Stamm, MD, FIDSA, this award was created to recognize individuals who have served as exemplary mentors and is presented to an IDSA member or fellow who has been exceptional in guiding professional growth of infectious diseases professionals. Current trainees of a nominee are not eligible to write nomination letters for the Mentor Award.

Oswald Avery Award
The Oswald Avery Award recognizes outstanding achievement in an area of infectious diseases by an individual member or fellow of IDSA who is 45 or younger (on December 31 of the year preceding the IDWeek at which the award is given). The award is based on overall achievement, not usually a single study. 

The Clinical Practice Innovation Award 
The Clinical Practice Innovation Award will be awarded to members who devote the majority of their time to patient care and who have significantly advanced the clinical practice of infectious diseases within the last five years. This may be accomplished through innovation in clinical practice design or management, or advocacy on the behalf of IDSA that fosters change to better recognize the value of infectious diseases practice.

Society Citation
The Society Citation is a discretionary award given in recognition of exemplary contribution to IDSA, and outstanding discovery in the field of infectious diseases, or a lifetime of outstanding achievement.  More than one award may be given each year.

Clinical Teacher Award
The Clinical Teacher Award honors a career involved in teaching clinical infectious diseases to fellows, residents, or medical students and recognizes excellence as a clinician and motivation to teach the next generation. Particular attention will be given to nominations that document the impact of an individual on the school and community where he or she practices.

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