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What ID Physicians Are Paid

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The IDSA Clinical Affairs Committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors, put forth effort to accurately assess compensation for ID physicians, across the various career tracks (Patient Care, Research, Public Health, Other). In the past three years, the society has fielded a survey to all US members aimed at assessing compensation across the specialty. The survey fielded in 2015 (reporting 2014 compensation) was completed by almost 1,900 respondents and the results can be found here: 2015 Infectious Diseases Physician Compensation Assessment (PDF). The results of this 2015 survey were discussed in Open Forum Infectious Diseases in April 2016.

In 2017, the society fielded another compensation survey to all US members, which was completed by over 2,500 members. The results to the 2017 survey can be found here: 2017 Infectious Diseases Physician Compensation Report (PDF). The results of the 2017 survey were discussed  here. An infographic depicting highlights of the survey can be found here.

MD Ranger: Compensation for Administrative Antibiotic Stewardship Services
MD Ranger is a company that provides benchmarks and analysis on physician contracts; its proprietary database provides information on the specific terms of agreements between health facilities and physicians for emergency call coverage, medical direction and other leadership positions. This report lists payment for administrative antibiotic stewardship services. For reports from MD Ranger, "P" stands for "providers" and refers to the number of health care systems on which the report is based; "F" stands for "facilities" and refers to the number of hospital facilities. Therefore, some figures may represent data from several facilities within the same health care system.

MD Ranger: Compensation for Administrative Infection Control Services
This report from MD Ranger lists compensation figures for Infection Control Medical Direction. This report lists an average hourly compensation rate of $160 (median = $150) which is very similar to what we are able to confirm within the MGMA database (due to licensing issues we are not able to disclose the MGMA figures). MD Ranger shows the 90th percentile as $190 which is significantly lower (~20% lower) than what MGMA reports.

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