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ID Physician Compensation Initiative

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Compensation Strike Team

In 2020, the IDSA Board of Directors established a Compensation Strike Team, charged with developing a strategy and implementation plan for increasing ID physician compensation as a key component of IDSA’s Strategic Plan.

The Strike Team conducted a comprehensive review of IDSA and national survey data to identify trends and gaps related to the compensation and deployment of ID physicians working in a clinical setting. The key findings from this review included:

ID Compensation Key Findings



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Physician Compensation Data Summary Compensation Benchmarks



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Stemming from this initial assessment, the Strike Team identified two overarching goals:

  • Physician Negotiation Education & Training: Develop a physician education and training campaign to equip IDSA members to be their own advocate, incorporating negotiation tools and a repository of informational resources aimed at increasing physician compensation
  • Expand the Value-Based Contracting Strategy: Supplement ID-specific national and regional value-based contract participation advocacy with locally focused efforts at the hospital, diagnosis-related group-specific panel, and population levels

To achieve these goals, the Strike Team developed a set of goals, objectives, activities, timeline and deliverables for development and implementation over the next 18-24 months.


Compensation Strike Team Goals and Objectives



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Physician Negotiation Education and Training Goal Timeline and Deliverables



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Value Based Contracting Strategy Expansion Goal Timeline and Deliverables



In developing its recommendations, the Strike Team noted the significant investment IDSA has made thus far in creating a valuable repository of research and information on the value of ID.  It agreed an important next step is to further customize existing data, gather new information, and craft an easily adoptable process by which ID physicians can make compelling arguments for wholesale changes to their compensation level and structure that more accurately reflect the unique value they bring to patients, other clinicians and the entire system.

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Compensation Task Force

To implement this effort, a Compensation Task Force has been established composed of ID physicians from a representative array of settings to develop negotiation playbooks and value-based contracting guides before launching into the development of focused education opportunities for the IDSA membership through webinars, practice briefs, education sessions at IDWeek and IDSA academy offerings.

The Task Force has developed short, intermediate, and long-term objectives for this effort, as detailed below.



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ID Physician Compensation Data Collection & Analysis

Following a comprehensive review of existing ID physician compensation data, comparative data from other specialties, and industry trends, a supplemental compensation survey was developed and administered last spring to the IDSA membership. The goal of the survey was to gather additional, targeted data to further define and clarify the relationship between ID physicians’ services and compensation received. Specifically, the survey aimed to better define a “1.0 FTE” in actual hours worked; identify compensation plans across employment settings; determine annual compensation and percentage of compensation tied to incentives (quality or production); clarify administrative job titles and their allotted versus actual time commitment; and quantify the number of days on services, on average, that is tied to compensation for inpatient availability.

The Compensation Task Force is currently reviewing and analyzing the data and a summary of the key findings will be shared here in the near future.

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