HIVMA New Member Application (Step 1 of 3)

Membership dues typically range from $25.00 to $360.00 (see the breakdown of dueshide the breakdown of dues). Annual membership dues include subscriptions to the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Infectious Diseases.

This application is for those who are not currently IDSA Members.

Breakdown of Membership Dues

International applicants who opt for electronic only subscriptions as well as applicants from developing nations have lowered dues.

Dues for Member and Associate Member Applicants

Nation Journal Subscription From a Developing Nation? Amount
U.S. U.S. applicants automatically receive a print subscription. $315
Non-U.S. print no $360
Non-U.S. electronic only no $280
Non-U.S. print yes $105
Non-U.S. electronic only yes $25
What Type of Membership are You Applying For?
  • Full membership in HIVMA is open to all health care professionals with doctoral level training (e.g. MDs, DOs and PhDs), nurse practitioners, and physician assistants whose primary professional activities involve working in the field of HIV/AIDS as clinicians, educators and/or researchers, regardless of their specialty.

    Associate membership is open to health care professionals without specific postdoctoral or equivalent training, whose primary professional activities and interests are in the HIV/AIDS medical field. Associate members receive all member benefits except that they are not eligible to vote in elections.