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International Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies for HIV, COVID-19, and Oncology 2021

, Virtual Meeting


On behalf of our program directors, Dr. Charles Flexner and Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes, Virology Education invites you to join us for an exciting new virtual program exploring monoclonal antibodies. 

Already a proven concept in treating cancer and immune disorders, their promise for preventing and treating infectious diseases is also being realized. Harnessing this technology has advanced therapeutic development for COVID-19, underscoring its utility and versatility to respond rapidly to emerging threats to global health. It prompts clinicians to rethink the approach for conditions that are currently challenging to treat.  

If you are interested in learning about screening platforms and target discovery or would like to receive the latest updates on the clinical use of mAbs for the prevention and treatment of HIV, COVID, RSV, and Ebola, then this is the workshop for you! 

Discover the latest advances in the use of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of autoimmune disorders, solid tumors, or hematological malignancies. 

Hear insights from world-leading experts on how this technology will evolve both in terms of antibody modifications and delivery approaches and how it will become accessible in resource-limited settings. 

The International Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies for HIV, COVID-19, and Oncology provides a platform for cross-disciplinary expert discussion that will catalyze knowledge transfer and ultimately move the field forward. 

Join the discussion on  29 and 30 November 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT | 6:00 PM CET to benefit from the most up-to-date information on monoclonal antibodies. 

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