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November 27, 2019


Coming Soon: IDSA Guidelines App

Based on feedback from our membership, IDSA has developed an IDSA Guidelines App to be launched on Dec. 5. This new app includes all IDSA guidelines and five interactive clinical diagnostic tools that provide decision-making support. Once the app is downloaded, all guidelines are available offline on your tablet or mobile device. An internet connection is necessary only when downloading updates.

guidelines mockup.png

The app allows the user to navigate to specific sections of the guideline to find information easily and has a robust search application with filters. The user can see all information related to the guideline as well, such as podcasts, pocket card purchases, PDF downloads, tools and reprints/permissions. Use the app for staying up-to-date on research and treatments​; confirming treatment for less common cases and when alternative treatments are needed​; finding the most current content for lectures​; and confirming first-line drug choices for the most effective drugs for the condition.

Questions about the IDSA Guidelines App can be directed to:

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