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Response from Infectious Diseases Society of America President Barbara D. Alexander, MD, MHS, FIDSA, to Biden Administration COVID-19 Actions and Strategy:

President Biden’s executive orders and national strategy to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, along with renewed participation in the World Health Organization, offer a comprehensive approach with tremendous promise toward ending the nation’s public health crisis. The administration’s plan is responsive to longstanding recommendations from the medical, scientific and public health communities to address social and economic drivers fueling the spread of the virus, promote health equity, ensure adequate medical supplies, improve data collection and support state and local health departments. The plan is rooted in the evidence that must be followed to end the spread of COVID-19 at home and abroad. Our membership welcomes the Administration’s leadership against this public health crisis and encourages Congress to provide the funding and policies that will be needed to put America back to work and protect our country from this and future pandemics.

For more information visit IDSA’s COVID-19 Advocacy and Safety Resources pages at

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