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IDSA's Lyme Disease Advocacy Efforts

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IDSA Opposes State Mandates on Doctor-Patient Communications (PDF) 
IDSA objects to a Virginia law that requires physicians to provide patients with a written notice explaining the uncertainty of test results for Lyme disease. The Society supports better diagnostics and public education, but the specific communication mandated in the law doesn’t take into account ongoing scientific advances.

IDSA Opposes State Bill That Would Limit Medical Board’s Authority (PDF)
IDSA has urged lawmakers not to support bills that would restrict the State Board of Medicine from disciplining physicians who prescribe dangerous therapy for Lyme disease.

IDSA Sends Letter Opposing H.R. 1179 (PDF) 
In a letter on the proposed Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention, Education, and Research Act, IDSA raised concerns about patients being improperly diagnosed with “chronic” Lyme disease and receiving dangerous treatments.

IDSA Letter to the NGA and NCSL Regarding Problematic Lyme Disease Legislation (PDF)
IDSA sent a letter to the National Governors Association and National Conference of State Legislatures opposing the prolonged usage of antibiotics in the treatment of “chronic” Lyme disease as well as urging the inclusion of board-certified infectious disease physicians in public hearings on Lyme disease.

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