Solving the world’s toughest medical challenges

Infectious diseases experts help the world address current health threats and safeguard the future of public health.

Who We Are

Infectious diseases professionals are clinicians, scientists and public health experts who research, diagnose and treat diseases that are caused by exposure to bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. We are known for our medical detective work, which helps us address current threats and prepare for the future.

Our Priorities

Our Response to COVID-19

Infectious Diseases Experts: America’s Link Back to Everyday Life, a joint collaborative effort between IDSA and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, chronicles infectious diseases professionals’ experiences mobilizing quickly and working doggedly to mitigate the virus’s spread, save lives, provide essential public information and strengthen the public health infrastructure.


How Do ID Experts Improve Health Care?

Infectious diseases present some of the toughest challenges in health care. ID experts are medical detectives who help physicians, patients and our health care system to solve these problems.

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