ID in Action

How Do ID Experts Improve Health Care?

We collaborate with other medical professionals

We advise policymakers and the general public

We ensure antibiotics continue to work successfully

We develop clinical guidelines

We work with hospital and health care leaders

ID physicians improve patient care by collaborating with medical and surgical specialists to pinpoint infections and develop effective treatments. We also serve hospitals and health care institutions by leading antimicrobial stewardship programs to ensure the continued effectiveness of antibiotics and developing infection prevention protocols.

Clinician influencers

ID experts partner with other clinicians to improve patients’ quality of care. We develop clinical practice guidelines that inform decisions for the best diagnosis, treatment and management of patients. ID professionals also find ways to boost the cost-effectiveness of interventions and identify pertinent research directions.


Collaborating closely with other medical professionals, ID experts add value to the nation’s health care system by diagnosing different types of infections, ensuring treatment is medically necessary and guiding appropriate management based on best practices and data-driven clinical evidence. Our medical detective work often prevents unnecessary care, which jeopardizes patients’ health and contributes to higher health care costs.


ID experts promote science-based public policy to advance national and global efforts on COVID-19; antimicrobial resistance; immunization; infection prevention and control; HIV/AIDS; tuberculosis; public health emergencies; and more. Through this work, ID experts play a critical role in biopreparedness – ensuring that we are ready to address future health threats efficiently and effectively. We inform and support federal funding for research and public health, as well as coverage and appropriate reimbursement for ID services.