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September 4, 2019


PIDS Releases New Edition of The Vaccine Handbook

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society has released the newest edition of The Vaccine Handbook App. This mobile App for iOS devices contains the 8th edition of The Vaccine Handbook: A Practical Guide for Clinicians (also known as “The Purple Book”), by Gary S. Marshall, MD, professor of pediatrics at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. This authoritative, practical tool is available free of charge from the Apple iTunes App Store (purchase of the print edition is not required).

The updated version contains new recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and new developments relevant to vaccine practice.

Since its launch in 2016 there have been over 21,000 downloads of The Vaccine Handbook App, making it one of the most widely utilized immunization resources. PIDS is able to offer the app free of charge through unrestricted educational grants from Sanofi-Pasteur and Merck & Co.

The Purple Book is a readable, comprehensive source of up-to-date information for vaccine providers and educators. It draws together the latest vaccine science and guidance into a concise, user-friendly, practical resource for the private office, public health clinic, academic medical center, and hospital. The App is fully searchable, allows for bookmarking, highlighting and annotation, and contains hyperlinks to useful content on the Internet; it includes:

  • Scientific foundations of vaccinology
  • Information on every vaccine licensed in the United States
  • The rationale behind authoritative vaccine recommendations
  • Contingencies encountered in everyday practice
  • An entire chapter on addressing vaccine concerns
  • Background on vaccine infrastructure and policy-making
  • Standards and regulations
  • Office logistics, billing procedures, and much more

The App may be found by searching the App Store for “The Vaccine Handbook App” or clicking here.

Additional information about The Purple Book is available through the publisher, Professional Communications, Inc. (West Islip, NY) at:

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